Can You Escape The Most Dangerous Death Camp?


The year is 2317.

Humanity is facing the most difficult and horrible times.

Our word is invaded by aliens and many people are either dead or are in camps waiting to die.

And you're one of them.

You either overcome all the obstacles and answer the questions below to get out of this death camp, or you can find yourself in the welcoming arms of death!

C'mon, let's do this!

You opened the door, and just as you were leaving, the guard saw you and stopped you. He took you into the interrogation room and there, they started asking you questions about physics, mathematics and psychology. Don't forget that the only way to get out of there is to answer all the questions correctly!

I'm ready, let's begin!

The first question is this: Which philosophical doctrine suggests the lack of belief in one or more reputedly meaningful aspects of life?

You're aware of the philosophical doctrines! Alright, are you also aware of the human mind? Then tell us, what does cognitive psychology focus on?

You're very talented! But do you have enough mathematical skills? Which shape is the closest to the shape in the picture?

Don't forget that this is a death camp! You only have one match and you enter a cold and dark room where there is one kerosene lamp, one kerosene stove and a candle. Which one would you lite first?

You can't go anywhere without proving your mathematical skills! Which number should follow 26 ?

We have a cup of milk and a cup of coffee. We take one spoon of milk and add it to the coffee and stir it really well. Then from there we take one spoon of coffee and add it to the milk. Which one is more: the milk in the coffee or the coffee in the milk?

Is your visual game strong? Alright, which number do you see here?

The invaders of our world showed you a picture of their planet. Which planet is this?


You have to prove you're smarter and better educated than the rest of the world! How many different colors can you count here?

Prove your cognitive talent! Which number should be the answer?


Final question. If you can answer this, they will let you go!

16 May
16 July
17 June
17 August
19 May
14 August

It was just the first question :(

You got caught in the first question. We think you weren't paying much attention because normally you could answer this. No problem though, relax a bit and try again!

You're a bit confused

Are you a bit confused? What's going on? We believe you couldn't concentrate fully on the test. But no worries, not being able to concentrate is a problem we all experience. Rest a bit and then try again!

You had a sudden confusion I think!

Actually, after the first 2 questions, it looked like you could escape this place easily, but you failed. You started with a high concentration and were focusing on the questions, but a sudden confusion made you choose the wrong answer. It's ok, try again!

Are you a bit confused again?

If you're not one with your mind, you can't answer the psychology based questions. It seems like you're in a fight with your own mind. Nobody ever benefited from the fights they have with their minds, and you won't either. Become one with your mind and try again!

Don't do this!

Let your mind go. Let it go so it can use its ability to think and get out of every situation. C'mon!

Your mind is a bit full!

When things started to get complicated, it looked like you had a problem with handling the situation. Momentary stuff like this happens all the time. You shouldn't worry about it much. Let's start from the beginning buddy!

You were distracted for a moment!

Consciousness is one of the most difficult cognitive concepts that people can ponder. It's difficult to control it and use it in the right way. For this reason, don't give up and try again! Let's get out of here!

The inside of your head is being watched!

With the questions they ask in this phase, they wanted to know how deep you can go deep inside your mind and how endless you can think. But unfortunately, you failed! It's alright though, let's do it again!

Are you here?

You were going quite well, but the fight you have with your mind cost you more than you can handle and you went the wrong direction. It's alright, do it again!

Almost there, c'mon!

You almost made it to the last question, but because of a snap mistake, you have to go back to the beginning! Let's go!

You only had one more step to go :(

There's not much to write. You came this far and I don't want to confuse you even more. You almost made it, try again!

You're a mad man!

Here is a mind that doesn't limit itself with only figures, but is able to use it in every aspect! And because of your mind, you flew out of this hell. Your most important feature is using your mind cold-bloodedly and effectively when you face a problem. You can see what kind of things might happen when you have a problem and you can even sometimes feel them before they happen. When you have this type of elaborate mind and high perception, no obstacle can stop you and no doors can lock you in! You effected everyone by giving reasonable and practical answers to the questions they asked and manipulated them as well!

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