Breaking The Taboos Of Breastfeeding: Incredible Moments Mothers Share With Their Children!


Photographer Melina Nastazia decided to put together a breastfeeding series focusing on one of the many ways that mothers nurture, soothe, and comfort across the globe.

Let's take a look together at these simply fascinating photos, originally published on BoredPanda!


Then she started to photograph the special moments of other mothers nursing their children.

To the photographer, these photos are of brave women who wear their breastfeeding battle scars proudly.

She says when she photographs mothers nursing their children, she feels a sense of peace that permeates her entire being.

The connection and love present is powerful and organic,

This project was inspired by an incident that occurred when the photographer posted her first breastfeeding self-portrait on the internet

Sometimes raw, but absolutely beautiful.

It was about seeing the euphoria she felt through breastfeeding,

On the face of other women as well...

She says she feels the need to celebrate this natural but miraculous moment.

And bring awareness to a topic that still remains taboo.

Very special moments to be remembered for a lifetime,

And incredibly beautiful.

It perfectly depicts the strong bond between the mother and child...

We celebrate the love present in these amazing photos!

Long live all the mothers of the world!

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