Are You Ready For The World’s Hardest “Right Or Wrong” Test?

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Right or wrong, true or false? We've all taken numerous tests like this but this is as real as it gets. Am warning you, this is a real challenge! Let’s see what you got!

1. Tweety is male!

2. Lighters were invented before matches.

3. In Portugal, it's illegal to pee in the ocean.

4. You can bring a cow downstairs but not up stairs.

5. Some turtles can can breath through their butt.

6. There are 25 official languages in South Africa.

7. Nokia is actually a name of a Finnish town.

8. The Ace was the least valuable card until the French revolution.

9. Suppose it’s snowing outside and your car started sliding to the right. You need to turn the wheel to the left to correct it.

10. All newborn babies in the world cry with note A.

11. A person never dies from drinking too much water!

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