According To Machiavellian Analysis Which Dictator Lies Within You?


We all have a little dictator inside us. How many of you have not thought of being the president and leading the country?

This test, which was made according to the ideas of the famous Niccolò Machiavelli, will give you clues on what kind of leader, or to better put it, what kind of dictator you would be.

Now, let's begin...

1. Your superior is in your face and is bringing you to account...

I would summarize the situation and face my own responsibilities.
I would smile and lie, and make him/her think everything is under control.
I would object and say this behavior is not acceptable whatsoever
I can't even stop myself from shaking, what can I say?

2. You're going to jump in the market with a great idea but you heard it from a relativley good friend...

I can't do it without permission. I have to ask first
Asking for permission! I won't act without that person, I would offer partnership.
Permission? He/she doesn't have the patent. It's my idea now.
After I start doing it, I'll let him/her know at some point.

3. You are with your friends and everyone is saying something about where you should go. At the same time, you're craving some ravioli.

I'll accept what the majority says. No need to be selfish.
I want ravioli! I have to convince everyone somehow that ravioli is a good choice.
I'll just say ''how about ravioli?'' and maybe someone would agree.
I don't know about you, but I'm going to have ravioli.

4. You've just met a friend of your friend and you're a long way from home. He/she offered for you to stay at his/her place.

I don't know who that person is. I'll just go home somehow.
Sweet. I don't have to worry about how to get home.
The reasonable thing is to stay. But I won't use their bedsheets or eat any food that is offered.
That would be nice but I don't even know the person. I'll persuade my friend to stay as well so I can feel safe.

5. You have to decide on something that would effect a community and have three choices.. However, you just can't stand one of the choices.

That means there are two choices.
We have to ask everyone. That's what democracy is.
I see two choices and naturally I offer two choices to people.
I've already decided. I'll let the rest know.

6. You saw a box of chocolate in the fridge that you have no idea where it came from...

That's nice, I wanted to have something sweet.
Let me wait a little. If noone eats it, I will.
I'll eat it now and if the owner says something, I'll buy a new one.
It wouldn't be nice to eat it. It might offend someone.

7. You have a job interview and you need formal clothes. The only person who has a white shirt at home is probably going to wear it when he/she goes out tonight.

I'd find something else. If not, buy something cheap.
What's wrong with wearing it? My interview is more important!
I'd wear it but change it on the way home. No problem 😉
The best thing would be to ask. Maybe I could have permission.

8. The final question. If you were to govern the world for one day...

I'd make as many rules as possible. People can't know what's best.
I'd cut down on the rules. Let everyone break their chains.

You're just like Hitler

There's nothing beyond this in dictatorship! The savagery is obvious in the decisions you make for your principles, just like Hitler who killed people by the millions. All this selfishness and ambition is a damage to your body and to the world. But this only happens when people have strong ideas and divine purposes. Big ideas, big targets, just be more concerning please.

You're just like Napoleon!

You have the style of a dictator that comes from deep inside you. We see a brain which waits for people's weak moments and kills 'em with your deadly touch. Success has become a part of your character. So, it's not enough to work but it's also important that you make others lose. If you can't make what you want happen, what's the point of life?

You're just like Ceaser!

You take your dictatorship skills not from your savagery or brutishness, but from the mind and aesthetics. With your Hellenistic touches, you carry the power from the Roman Empire to today. Your moves and decisions are full of craftiness. Of course you're selfish, but your aim is to have a better world, that's why you're the person who can make the best choices.

Way to go!

You're not a dictator. Not in a million years!

Nope, not a dictator. You're as sweet as apple pie. If they gave you control of the world, you wouldn't be able to even move because you think of everyone. Everybody can become a dictator but not everybody can have your tolerance and constructive behavior. If you ask us, people should pray day and night to have a person like you around. You're hard to find!

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