A 37-Year-Old Chinese Woman's Iris Was Destroyed And Here's The Result!


There is no doubt that our eyes are like windows to the universe. Without them, we certainly wouldn't be the people we are now. They're unique, precious, and valuable. But have you ever thought what you would do if something happened to them? In this story, we'll tell you a story of a Chinese woman who had a rare case of her eyes. We hope she recovers quickly.

The eye is perhaps the most precious part of the human body after the brain.


As long as we don't lose it, we can't understand the value of it, but for a person who lost it, there's nothing more precious than that.

Under normal circumstances, the eye is the cleanest exterior organ.


It is more sterile than all other organs, away from microorganisms.

However, once this organ has been removed from the inflammatory or sterile condition, it becomes much more distressing than many organs.


It's worse if it's the iris or the pupil.

The person in this story is a 37-year-old Chinese woman, who consulted a doctor for having irrigation and an itch in her eyes.


After the initial examinations, doctors thought that there was an allergy problem due to the infection.

However, later as a result of a detailed examination, they noticed that the collelate surrounding the iris was destroyed.


By the way, what you see in this visual is the woman's left eye, but the right eye has the same problem and the iris collarette is torn on that one.

The iris collarette is a thick membrane surrounding the pupil, although it's not seen very clearly.


It can be seen more clearly and more easily in light-colored eyes.

The rupture and disintegration of this membrane surrounding the iris, which is the colored part of the eye, is very rare.


For this reason, it is not yet known what causes the disruption of the iris collarette.

According to findings, though iris inflammation is thought to cause these fractures, there is no disturbance in vision loss, it reduces this possibility.

After a part was taken out for inspection, the Chinese woman was sent home.


The woman has no vision loss at the moment but time will tell whether she'll experience any discomfort in the future.

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