9 Signs Showing That Your Coworker Is A Psychopath!

> 9 Signs Showing That Your Coworker Is A Psychopath!

How would you like it if one of your coworkers that you work side by side for almost 10 hours a day was a psychopath? 

Andrew Faas, the senior executive of the two biggest retail organisations in Canada, states that he has come across many psychopaths during his long career and hiring experience. He is one of the people who strongly advises that a psychology test should administered before hiring and promotions. Here are some notes by Faas about psychopath employees with the comments of psychologist, Robert Hare. If you can observe some or all of these 9 types of behavior in your coworkers, the bells might be tolling!


1. They talk about their sadistic intentions and are motivated by doing so.

These people get off by intimidating people. They are destructive, rather than constructive.

They seem to be solid as strong, just like a rock.

2. They are very good at presenting themselves.

They know how to talk and are attractive. According to an article by Hare in, they have very good communication skills. They make small talk and get away with strange, but somehow credible stories, which strengthens their image and increases their attractiveness.

You might be deceived by these interesting stories and their charisma and can think that this person is a proper, joyful and nice. They are also very good at complimenting and they do it so smartly and to the point. They make you feel as if you heard that compliment for the first time in your life.

3. Their self-esteem is sky high.

They see themselves as the center of the universe. Their own existence is so important that they don't think that they should comply with social norms. They act as if they are making the rules. One of the patients of Hare said this:

  It isn't like I don't follow the law.  I follow my own laws. I never violate my own rules.

4. They are pathological liars.

Once they start with lying, they don't stop; they don't want to, either. Lying is incredibly fascinating for them. They revert to intellectual dishonesty knowingly and on purpose.

According to Faas, unlike others, they don't care if their lie is found out, which encourages them to lie more and cover it up.

5. They are as selfish as a parasite.

Psychopaths have only one focus: themselves. They think only about themselves and care only about their objectives.

'They feel they're immune to any criticism in terms of how they live their lives, including harassing those they have command and control over.', Faas says.

6. They are cunning and manipulative.

6. They are cunning and manipulative.

According to Faas, psychopaths are masters of these three things: manipulation, deflection and deception. That's how they get everything they want and also keep themselves above water.

You can see them trying to take credit when something goes right and look for a scapegoat to blame when things go wrong.

7. They were most probably bullies as children.

7. They were most probably bullies as children.

Faas thinks that those who do the above mentioned things, were probably not that different on the play ground, either.

Some of the early behavioral signs include persistent lying, cheating, theft, arson, truancy, substance abuse, vandalism, and/or precocious sexuality.

8. They show no remorse, guilt or mercy.

Psychopaths, no matter how much they hurt others with their behaviors, are never affected by the consequences. Haar thinks that this can be linked to their remarkable ability to rationalize their behavior.

Hare had a patient who stabbed and seriously injured somebody, and the patient was pitying himself more than the person he attacked:

He will be out of the hospital in a couple of weeks, while I am rotting away in this clinic.

9. Lastly, their long term goals aren't very realistic.

9. Lastly, their long term goals aren't very realistic.

They have almost impossible life and work goals. As they can easily convince themselves that these goals are easily attainable, they don't understand why you think otherwise and start showing their intimidating face.