93% Of People Can't Get To The Final Question Of This Test


Are you intelligent?

Are you able to look at questions from different angles? 

Is your mathematical intelligence as good as your visual intelligence and verbal intelligence?

Yes, this is a real challenge!

Which one should come in the place of ''?'' ?

Which number should come after 15?


Which one is different than the others?

It's possible to draw a circle with these 8 dots. But is it possible to draw a square with these 8 dots?

Let's go on with an easy question. Which of the colors down below is not in this color?

Which shape should come instead of ''?'' ?

Which number should come instead of ''?'' ?


Which one is the opened version of this cube?

According to the information in the picture, when you line the 4 people up from tallest to shortest, in which position would Bob stand?

Which shape should number 5 be?

Let's raise the bet a bit! Which number should come instead of ''?'' ?


In four shelves, there are 16, 20, 25 and 27 books respectively. In order to have an even number of books in each shelf, how many books' places at minimum should you change?


That was just the first question :(

You couldn't pass the first question, God knows why... We think you weren't careful because normally you wouldn't miss this. No worries, relax a little and try again.

What was that?

We don't want to say much. These kinds of things happen. C'mon, try again!

Was it a difficult question?


There may be many excuses to why you couldn't answer this question, but we feel like you lost your concentration for a moment. No worries. Try again!

C'mon man!


It looks like you have a hard time concentrating, but nobody has benefited from having quarrels with their minds, and you won't either. Become one with your mind and try again, c'mon!

How can I not be sad? :(

Didn't you just promise to be more careful? It's alright, let's do it again!

Don't do this!

You were doing really good. It looked like you concentrated, but you didn't succeed. If you know the rest of the questions will be more difficult, you might be more careful next time. Do it again!

Uh oh, is everything ok?

You seem to have hit the wrong answer. Come on now, you can this!

There's someone hiding deep inside your mind!

It looks as if there are some things or some people preventing you from concentrating on this test, what do you say? Clear your mind and focus on the test. C'mon, do it again!

You lost it for a moment!

The mind is one of the most difficult cognitive things that humans can control. It's really difficult to use it in the right parts of life. For this reason, don't give up, try again!

Did you get confused?


You're doing really good because many people have given up before even coming close to this question. There are only you and people like you who work together with their minds and don't like to give up! Hang in there!

You had just one more step!


There isn't much to write. You almost came to the end and we don't want to confuse you more. One more step, c'mon!

Noooo :(

This was the last question! It's alright, you've come this far and you can do it again without much effort. C'mon, one last time!

You're a genius who passed over the level of insanity!

Here is another mind who will shake up the world! Because of your high capacity to perceive, you're able to build relationships in a flawless way between abstract and concrete things that have no relationship with each other. Your analytical thinking ability is really high and you can use the mental functions harmonically. With the methods you developed over time, you can understand the problems easily and analyse them, then make long term solutions. You can have implications on indeterminate things easily. You hide this knowledge deep inside your mind. You always know how to act accordingly. But most importantly, even though you do the same things over and over again, you're well aware that you should have different results. I wish everyone aimed to act as smart as you; then the world would be a much better place!

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