5 Fairy Tales To End All Differently in the Hands of George R.R. Martin


How would those lovely childhood tales would end if Game of Thrones mastermind George R.R. Martin were to write them.

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1. "Death of Snow White"

The hunter sent for Snow White would catch her immediately and kill her without even thinking a second. Then he rips her heart out and takes it back to the queen. Earning her trust, he is now tasked to find the seven dwarves. He butchers six of them and kidnaps the last one. This last one makes a deal with the one that was supposed to kiss Snow White and assaults the queen’s kingdom. Just when they thought the war was won and over, the hunter comes into play one more time disguised as a dwarf and smashes the Prince’s head with a rock. Winning a war for her, this hunter then would marry the queen but gets killed by a wild boar during a silly hunting session.

2. "The Revenge of Hansel"

Hansel would slice his father’s gut with the knife he brought as they were brought to the woods once again. He would also sell Gretel to the witch after finding out the way back home. He would go back home and kill his mother-in-law as well. He would then find the witch, struck a sinister deal with her, getting the control of the town after marrying the witch. After he rose to power, he would have the witch executed and build a memorial after his sister Gretel.

3. "Blood Red"

Before the Little Red Riding Hood would leave home, she would poison her grandmother’s drink because she wouldn’t stop talking giving her all these advices. She would feed the wolf with her poisonous bread but the wolf would fake a death and just as the Little Red Riding Hood was walking away, he would rip her apart. Upon seeing this, the hunter would make a deal with the wolf, guiding him to the grandmother’s home. This way, he would get to rob the grandmother while wolf is busy eating her. Just as they walk in, hidden behind the door, grandmother would just kill the wolf and starts kissing the hunter. Oh my! Turns out those two had a deal going on after all! Just as they were celebrating their victory, the Little Red Riding Hood’s father would return from war and set the house on fire with both of them inside.

4. "God Damn Fairy"

Cinderella would slice her two step sisters’ throats as she went into their room to offer ‘help’. She would corner her step-mother in the kitchen and kills her too. She would burn all the bodies in the chimney and fools the fairy visiting her. Cinderella would go into the castle and seduce the Prince’s father, instead of him. She would have the Prince and the Queen killed. After poisoning the king’s guards, she would have the king murdered, too. But just as all these plans were going smoothly, she would fall to her death from the tower, being set up by the fairy. Later on, this fairy would control all the kingdom and turn all rats into masculine, powerful men, living happily ever after.

5. "The Frog Vizier"

As our lovely princess was resting by the pond, she kisses the frog but gets poisoned by it and dies. Dubbing the frog and fooling the princess, the evil vizier would then disguise his own daughter as the princess and infiltrates the castle. She would then marry another tribe’s Prince. Having lots of evil plans in motion, this vizier gets the Queen and the King killed as well. He would then blame his own daughter, going into a war with the friendly tribe. The tribe would fall down in just 3 days after vizier’s ambush. Vizier would then have both his daughter and son in law hanged, building a massive kingdom. But one day, he would see a frog kissing him in bed, getting him poisoned to death. For all we know, the king he once killed was not the real king after all!

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