21 Things You Go Through If You Are The Only Child

> 21 Things You Go Through If You Are The Only Child

Being the only child in your family has both its advantages and disadvantages. On one side you are literally swarmed by your parents’ love and on the other side you have to go through everything on your own and deal with not being able to share. Although it depends from person to person, these are some common things a single child goes through.


1. You don’t have to share the love, gifts, clothes and more…

ALL just for you.

2. They are usually spoiled, weepy and they don’t like sharing (see above)

3. When you hit puberty and want to go out, no sisters or brothers to cover you

You have to get that permission on your own and face the aftermath by yourself.

4. You won’t get to be an aunt, uncle… :/

5. Sometimes the attention is just TOO much

All eyes will be on you. This will make you selfish but in the long run, you’ll be able to live on your own easily.

6. Keen on your privacy

Since you always had your own room, you don’t fancy sharing your living space with others and you want your own room or cabin to get changed and you know, have your own me time.

7. No one around to blame

Since you are the only child, you will be blamed for all the things happening in the house.

8. Feeling more and more lonely as the days go by

It’s a big struggle that doesn’t get any better.

9. Handling all the errands on your own

Someone needs to set the table, do the shopping, help clean the house? Too bad! You are the only child that can help. You can’t play dead and ask your brother or sister to take care of it.

10. No familiarity with rivalry

Because you always had the best side of the food and there wasn’t anyone else to fight you for it.

11. Thinking your friends can be your new siblings, but they just want to mess with ya.

12. You are their ONLY hope, literally!

You HAVE TO accomplish everything they couldn’t.

13. Being more mature than others

Because you were the only one around to handle so much stuff. Even when your parents argued, you had to step up and reason them. This is why you will always be more mature and independent from your other friends.

14. You can’t upset people or make mistakes, let alone run away

You always look back and wonder how devastated they would be if you were to run away or upset them. You have to make big sacrifices throughout your childhood.

15. No experience with certain feelings

Jealousy, sharing, competing and so on…

16. No big brother to come and save you during a fight

17. No one around to help you with your homework

Sometimes your parents can and will help, but they’re not always around.

18. You’ll end up very imaginative

No one’s there to play with you and since you always have limited time available, you have to get creative.

19. Extremely responsible

You think you are the sole reason for everything happening around you.

20. Always brand new stuff

And no one to hide them from!

21. You’ll always be the little one in your family

No one still believes you’re an adult.

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