21 Things People Who See Their Mothers As Their Best Friends Can Relate To!


Our moms! They're great to have. They've been there basically all your life and watched you grow. They took care of you when you couldn't do it on your own and didn't stop when you were able to take care of them! Thumbs up for moms! People who are with their moms are truly lucky and it's sad to know there are many people who aren't. But in this list, we put together 21 situations from Buzzfeed for people who see their moms as their best friend!

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1. As soon you have any kind of problem you text or call her immediately.

You want a decent recipe – you'll call your mom. You've just broken up with your boyfriend – you'll call your mom. You've got the time wrong for an exam and accidentally missed it – you'll call your mom while screaming/crying.

2. And a good cry on the phone to her always makes you feel better.


3. You feel at your most relaxed in her company.

Silence is 100% comfortable, but you can also talk for hours about nothing.

4. She knows all your friends' names even if she's never met them.

And she's always excited to finally meet them when she does.

5. And you love hearing about all the mom gossip between her friends too.

6. You'll often choose hanging out with your mom over going out with your friends.

Hanging out with your mum is like being on your own but not being lonely.

7. She always says the right thing when you're feeling like a failure of a human.

She makes you feel like you're the prettiest and smartest person in the world even if you've just made a huge mistake.

8. She can make you really laugh, and you have thousands of in-jokes you can't remember the origin of.

9. One of your favorite things to do is just follow her around all day helping out with errands.

10. She's one of your favorite people to go on a trip with.

It doesn't really matter what you're doing together, you'll always have fun.

11. You feel totally flattered when people tell you you look like your mom.

Because you think she's super beautiful.

12. Whenever either of you achieves anything you are super proud of the other one.

13. And making her proud is the best feeling in the world.

Which is lucky because she's pretty proud of you whenever you do anything.

14. No story is too boring to tell your mom, because she's interested in every aspect of your life.

She's totally happy to hear about all your work drama, and she gives really good advice.

15. You have some things that are just 100 times more fun when you do them with her.

Like shopping for clothes, or just watching daytime TV.

16. And she's a safe person to vent to if you need a good bitch to get something off your chest.

It doesn't count as telling someone's secret if you tell your mum.

17. If you snap at her when you're in a bad mood it doesn't matter because she'll forgive you almost instantly.

You can be pretty brutally honest with each other and it's OK, because you know nothing could stop your mum being your best friend.

18. She can instantly tell if something's on your mind, and won't quit asking until you tell her.

And you can tell her pretty much anything.

19. She's super supportive of whatever life decisions you make, even it means you won't see each other so often.

She trusts that you know best for you, and even if it's a mistake she'll be there for you when it all goes wrong.

20. And all the time you're not together you're in near-constant contact.

And all the time you're not together you're in near-constant contact.
And all the time you're not together you're in near-constant contact.

And she likes every social media update you do almost instantly.

21. Because she really is your best friend.


And you're super proud of that.

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