21 Easier Said Than Done Stuff


During our daily flow, some people come up and say some certain things or give advices. Or we talk to our consciousness. When we first hear them, we feel like we can totally do it. But when we actually try to do it, we see that it’s not so simple. 

Even though we try to lie to our consciousness and say this did not turn out how they told me, we know it was not that easy in the first place.

This is why we put together this list for you. From now on, you can stop believing you can do these things and behave better!

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1. “I think you should just open up to him/her and tell your feelings.”

Yeah right and she’ll jump to my arms right after I talk to her. What am I ACTUALLY going to say? Ugh.

2. “It’s all up to you to make yourself happy. Happiness is within you.”

Seriously? How did I not think of this before? This means everyone can be happy all the time. Problem solved, worldwide peace!

3. “I really need to study…”

But first, I’ll just make some room on this table. Oh holy shit is that my diary from the elementary school? Oh man, this is golden, I’ll study a bit later.

4. “I need to go to bed early. Work tomorrow.”

5 hours later… ”DAMN YOU NETFLIX!”

5. “You really have to let it go now. You can forget her/him easily if you really want to.”

Oh cool, I’ll just run to the market, I’ll probably forget by then and got my dinner, too.

6. “Liverpool will get that game for sure. I’ll just bet on them then my overall income will double.”

(Liverpool lost…)

7. “If I get B- from the mid-terms and a B from the finals, I’ll recover from this F.”


8. “Work is too stressful now. I’ll get back to gym after this month.”

Yeah, right…

9. “You can start that diet whenever you like. You just need to be strong.”

(Ate another burger the next day. Mmmm)

10. “Ok that’s it we’re quitting after this pack!”

Lung cancer…

11. “Revenge is a dish best served cold…”

Mhm yeah uh huh.

12. “You really shouldn’t think that much. Stop making a big deal out of everything.”

13. “Have kids, kids are good. Kids will brighten up your marriage. We’ll look after them and help you, too.”

“Ugh my knees hurt so much. Can you drop her to kindergarden again today?”

“Mom what kindergarden? She’s 14 now!”

14. “I can’t take it anymore. I’m quitting at the end of this month!”

Senior vice president of the company years after…

15. “Let’s go out of town this weekend and do something fun and eat a proper meal.”

Pizza and gaming…

16. “Hmm I’ll put this 100 to savings, need to save more.”

20 days later…”Mom can I borrow some money? I’m all broke…”

17. “Oh ma'am it’s so easy to sign up. Just follow these steps…”

Yeah it’s never worth that promotion.

18. “Ok James we’re heading out. There’s some leftover food in the fridge. You can heat it up and eat.”

Big Mac time!

19. “Dinner’s almost ready, gotta make a quick run to the store.”

Microwave can still wait. I’ll buy frozen pizza later.

20. “I’ll work for a year or two after college and then do an MBA.”

Okie dokie!

21. “OMG do not shoot directly at the goalkeeper! You guys seriously can’t play. I’d have easily secured a goal back there.”

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