22-Year-Old Real Life Sleeping Beauty Has To Sleep 22 Hours A Day!


Kleine-Levin Syndrom, 'Sleeping Beauty Syndrom' as we know, is quite real. This neurological disease, which has been diagnosed recently, causes people to sleep for days, weeks and even months. And there is no treatment yet.

We came across with the story of this 22-year-old woman struggling with this condition on the Daily Mail:

This young and beautiful woman's name is Beth Goodier. She was known as a an active and joyful person in her school.


She was majoring in Psychology in college and she thought a long, bright future was ahead of her.

But four years ago she felt sleepy and went to bed, and just slept for 6 months!


She sleeps for 22 hours a day, only gets up to drink water, go to the toilet but she doesn't really 'wake up.'


Beth, who barely meets her basic needs in an almost trans state, doesn't even remember that she has got up earlier.

And thus, her mother has to take care of her, because 22 hours of sleep per day not only means problems with taking care of a person physically, but also taking care of quite a confused mind.


Beth doesn't remember many details, she often feels confused; she even acts like a child after long sleep sessions. She has to take a special medication to help with these.

However there is no cure or treatment for this disease and only 1000 people have been diagnosed with it in the world until now.


After giving the bad news about a lack of treatment, doctors also added that the disease would disappear in 13 years. This means that Beth will be sleeping through her 20's, not to mention the physical and mental damage that lack of activity causes.

'It may be known as Sleeping Beauty syndrome, but there's nothing romantic or sweet about it.' she says.


When her condition got media coverage, the comments were mostly about how 'cute' it is.

Guy Leschziner, Beth's neurology doctor, says that although 'Sleeping Beauty Syndrome' sounds cute, it is a devastating, serious condition, forcing patients to sleep for days and affecting their lives very negatively.

Beth was both a successful student and artist. However, nobody knows if she will still be able to play the piano after 13 years of sleep and disease.


How tragic!

She sometimes has 2.5-3 month sleeping periods. Nothing can wake her up, and that's why there are such posts on her Facebook account:

Before getting sick she had a boyfriend. They are still together. Her boyfriend sits by her side while she is sleeping.

Before getting sick she had a boyfriend. They are still together. Her boyfriend sits by her side while she is sleeping.
Before getting sick she had a boyfriend. They are still together. Her boyfriend sits by her side while she is sleeping.

He sometimes reads to her and caresses her hair. He and her mother are looking forward to the day that Beth will get better. 

And that's romantic!

Her mom, who takes care of her, says that the worst time is right after Beth wakes up.


Beth has no idea where or who she is when she first wakes up.

She is very sad that her daughter will be sleeping through her best years.


But Beth is a real fighter. After she gets over with the 'confusion' period from waking up, she follows the doctors' advice. She exercises, eats vegetables and does mental exercises to boost her cognition.

If you still think that this isn't a real thing, we should introduce you to Jody Robson:


When this 24-year-old became sick, she was pregnant. She even didn't wake up during the birth of her son! The woman, who couldn't be woken up even by birth pain, doesn't remember her son's birth. Currently, she is home, sleeping. She is looking forward to getting better and back to her family.

Beth's mother Janine says that she misses her daughter and getting to talk to her daughter so much, although she is always right in front of her eyes.


We hope that they get all better ASAP!

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