2016 Nikon Macro Photo Contest Winners: Dive In To The Details Of The Universe!


Nikon recently announced the winners of its annual Small World Photomicrography contest. For those who heard the term photomicrography for the first time, it is the practice of taking a photograph through a microscope or a similar magnifying device. This practice is developed for capturing the intricate details of the world that are visible to the human eye. 

The details and colours are truly inspiring! There are so much to learn from the universe and these macro photos are the living proof of that!


1. 1st Place

Subject: Four-day-old zebrafish embryo (10x)

Image Courtesy: Dr. Oscar Ruiz

2. 2nd Place

Subject: Polished slab of Teepee Canyon agate (90x)

Image Courtesy: Douglas L. Moore

3. 3rd Place

Subject: Brain cells from skin cells (20x)

Image Courtesy: Rebecca Nutbrown

4. 4th Place

Subject: Butterfly proboscis (6.3x)

Image Courtesy: Jochen Schroeder

5. 5th Place

Subject: Front foot (tarsus) of a male diving beetle (100x)

Image Courtesy: Dr. Igor Siwanowicz

6. 6th Place

Subject: Air bubbles formed from melted ascorbic acid (vitamin C) crystals (50x)

Image Courtesy: Marek Miś

7. 7th Place


Leaves of Selaginella (lesser club moss) (40x)

Image Courtesy: Dr. David Maitland

8. 8th Place

Subject: Wildflower stamens (40x)

Image Courtesy: Samuel Silberman

9. 9th Place

Subject: Espresso coffee crystals

Image Courtesy: Vin Kitayama & Sanae Kitayama

10. 10th Place

Subject: Frontonia (showing ingested food, cilia, mouth and trichocysts) (200x)

Image Courtesy: Rogelio Moreno Gill

11. 11th Place

Subject: Scales of a butterfly wing underside (Vanessa atalanta) (10x)

Image Courtesy: Francis Sneyers

12. 12th Place

Subject: Human HeLa cell undergoing cell division (cytokinesis). DNA (yellow), myosin II (blue) and actin filaments (red) (60x)

Image Courtesy: Dr. Dylan Burnette

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