18 WTF Moments Making You Have A Mini Heart-Attack


Life is in the details…Sometimes, such small details can make you go totally nuts and have a mini heart attack! Here we have 18 of them.

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/istisnasiz-her-d...

1. Running into your ex all of a sudden.

2. When you check your phone and see 99 missed calls from your mom.

3. Your ex from years ago liking a random photo on your Instagram.

4. Every “We need to talk.” messages.

5. Or “Call me ASAP.” messages.

6. An email from your boss asking you to see him. The subject line is empty, too!

7. When you realize how much you have on your credit card when the cashier picks up the card. Let alone the queue behind you.

8. Your period is late.

9. When you leave the bus and can’t find your phone for 3 seconds.

10. Giving your friend’s laptop back WITHOUT cleaning the browser history.

11. Your computer froze just as you were working on an important document.

12. Being pulled over by a cop even though you haven’t had any alcohol.

13. Your girl/boyfriend suddenly asking “Who is Jason/Kate?”.

14. Sending your friends an email full of ‘praises’ about your boss and wondering if you added him to CC list.

15. That moment when you open the trash can slowly, wondering if there’s a cat in it.


16. When you’re awake peeing in the middle of the night, wondering if someone’s behind the shower curtain.

17. Or the toilet zombies every time you sit on the toilet.

18. Taking a powernap in the bus and waking up to see if you missed your stop.

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