18 Embarrassing Facts That Clumsy People Know Too Damn Well


You don't get clumsy, you are BORN clumsy...

1. You have tons of bruises and scars, but you don’t have a clue how you got them.

Hmm, I wonder where I hit my arm so badly…

2. When you are carrying a tray, everyone is on stand-by.

3. Your every move creates tension...

4. ...Including each and every one of your steps.

5. Your physical reactions are often exaggerated.

6. You are still shocked when you fall down or spill something.

7. It becomes your daily routine.

8. You are always ready to apologize.

9. You spit when you talk.

10. All of your clothes are pretty much ruined.

11. You ALWAYS fail when all eyes are on you…

12. You have lightning fast reflexes after so many accidents.

13. You always carry a mini first-aid kit.

14. You’ve experienced the storm in a tea cup.

15. "I’m a little clumsy" is your new motto

16. Over-egging the pudding is just your style.

17. You can do things other people can’t imagine. Paper cuts, cutting your tongue with a candy, etc.

18. You laugh about how you keep hitting your toe on the sofa.

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