17 Years of Progression: Incredible Artist Who Has Been Drawing Since The Age Of 3!


This is the story of an endless love for art, and an artist full of passion for creating. Even though she’s 20 years old, she revealed her progress starting with the oldest drawings she found.

And we’re here to get mesmerized.

1. She considers this snowman to be her oldest piece of work. She drew this one when she was only 3.

2. A drawing she made with the watercolor paint her mother got for her at 4 years old.

3. Another watercolor drawing for her homework at 6 years old.

4. She discovered Pokemon the same year and started to draw its characters.

5. She learned Photoshop when she was 10 and started to give colors to her drawings.

6. She focused on digital arts around that time and started to use her abilities digitally.

7. She opened a YouTube channel when she was 13 and created imaginary characters to animate.

8. She returned to charcoal drawing again.

9. It seems like she had a realistic style at some point.

10. But she didn’t give up on abstract drawings.


12. She started work with colors in a conventional way.

13. Her self portrait when she was 15.

14. The times when she started to get professional education.


16. Still continued charcoal drawing.

17. The following years, she was really into portrait drawings.

18. At this point of her life, she gave up majoring in art and started studying computer sciences.

19. This one is from the times that she wanted to give more color to her drawings.


21. Even though she couldn’t find enough time for drawing because of her heavy workload in computer sciences, her latest works were like this:

Impressive, huh?

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