17 Steps Summarizing HORRIBLE Headaches!


Things that people suffer from migraines or sinusitis know too well and go through too often. 😱😭😭

Warning: Things get a bit too violent towards the end!

1. The first moment the ache hits you:

"Ouch! I think the sh*t will get real soon."

2. And when you start feeling it slowly:

"Oh God! Not again!"

3. When you start praying that the pain stops:

"Please not, not this time. Please stop."

4. The second time the pain hits you hard:

"Oh! Again! It feels like somebody has stabbed me in the f*cking head!"

5. The moment when you feel your heartbeats in your head:

"Yep, my heart has started to beat in my head. It is throbbing. Perfect, just perfect..."

6. When you start looking for painkillers crazily:

"The pills must be somewhere here. Come on, come on!"

7. When you can't find any painkillers:

"Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! No pills left!!!"

8. When your head starts feeling like burning with the pain:

"My head is on fireeeeeee!"

9. When you massage yourself to ease the pain and you have to go too hard on yourself:

"I am pressing, what else do you want! Stop hurting!"

10. The moment when you are def. sure that you are screwed:

"It feels like somebody hit my head with a hammer!"

11. The moment when you feel your head splitting vertically in two:

"If I smashed my skull and cut my brain out with my bare hands, it wouldn't hurt this bad! :("

Caution: viewer discretion is advised for the following visuals of this content.  (= scary and violent sh*t coming up!)

12. When you feel as if your head was bouncing like a ball:

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"My head feels like the ball in Barcelona- Real Madrid game, going back and forth all the time."

13. The moment when you feel like the pain is looking for an outlet in your body to escape:

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"It feels as if my body was possessed by a creature wanting to find its way out from my head!"

14. The moment when you press and crush the place that hurts:

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"I already feel like a zombie because of this pain, I will take a head-shot, if you have one. I mean, why not?

15. The moment you feel like you are going to die from pain:

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"Agghh! Who is trying to cut my head in half?"

16. And the inevitable end: the moment you want to cut off the part of your head that hurts:

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"I will ask the neighbors if they have an electric saw."

17. The moment when you use the electric saw properly:

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"Yes, exactly, do it vertically, cut it away so that it can't hurt again. Oh, yes, perfect. This worked, I have got it cut out and it has stopped. Much better than suffering from that pain!"

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