17 Spooky Photos That Will Make You Too Scared To Check Your Old Photos!


These are not just some illustrations or any type of fictional work. These photos are real and each of them has something mysterious and dreadful about them. People are still wondering how come such photos could be taken in the first place. Secrets are still yet to be solved!

P.S.: there are no monsters under your bed.

1. The first photo that was ever shot with people.


It was taken in 1838 or 1839. Nothing is visible on the road, including any kind of activity or movement. The time exposure technique was used in this photo, which is composed of motionless images.

However, we see two people on the pavement. They have to be standing and waiting in the same positions for longer than 10 minutes to have become visible in this photo. Whatever they were doing is a complete mystery. Most likely scenario is one got the other one to paint his shoes.

2. A photo taken in a church in Norfolk, England and the phantom of the church!


3. Taken in the National Maritime Museum of England, in 1966; this photo has made it into literature as the "Tulip Staircase Ghost."


4. Two high-school buddies took this photo while taking a walk in a park in 2004. The silhouette definitely catches the eye!

5. A woman took a photo of her husband who was going to work in 1959. Nobody has any idea whose face is seen at the back or where it came from.


6. This one was taken in the 80s, in Texas. The family, who had recently moved into this house had to move away again because of this photo.


7. In this photo, which was taken in 1997, there is a mysterious person behind the old woman. The fact that the face looks like this woman's husband, who had died in 1984 makes it even creepier.


The secret of this photo is unsolvable.

8. You can see a shape that looks like human face in this photo, which was taken on the surface of Mars, in 1976.


9. A photo with a group of teenagers. It looks normal...


except the hand and the thumb next to the head of the boy at the very back. Nobody has yet to figure out where this hand came from and who it belongs to.

10. This woman detected in the photo at the exact point where the plane entered the building in the 9/11 attack.


Nobody knows how she survived the crash when she was on that floor, as well as who she is or if she survived afterward.

11. A photo from Charlie Chaplin's movie 'The Circus'. A woman is talking on a cellphone???


in 1928?

12. This one was taken in 1964. It seems that there is an astronaut behind the little girl sitting in the meadow.


13. A group of soldiers during the funeral of Freddie Jackson, in 1919


The mysterious face looks a lot like Freddie Jackson, which makes things a bit scary.

14. An invisible SUV?


Not quite. It is just the layer of ice that formed when the car was still there. It survived even after the SUV left the scene, giving us this amazing photo!

15. Nobody knows how this modern hipster ended up appearing in this photo taken in 1941 in the middle of the crowd.


Him carrying something that looks like a modern camera makes it even more interesting.

16. A woman smiling in a metro car with a dead body covered in blood.


Well, relax. The photo isn't quite real. It is just from a movie set, but the photo is still creepy AF.

17. We see the little girl crying while everybody else is having fun. Why is that?


Look between the legs of those who are standing. Maybe the answer is there!

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