20 Iconic Photos From The 20th Century And The Amazing Stories Behind Them
In parallel with the technological advancements of the 20th century, photography also saw a rapid development in this era. So it’s not surprising to recall iconic figures of the 20th century with their iconic photos or terrible disasters with their heartbreaking scenes. Here are 20 of those photos and their interesting stories.
One Of The Worst Industrial Disasters Happened In Texas And Not Many People Still Know Of It!
Early on the morning of April 16, 1947, Fred Atwood Jr. and his wife, Yvonne, awoke to fire alarms sounding down at the docks in Texas City. They ate breakfast and gave their 6-month-old son, Kent, a bottle in his crib. Then they went outside to watch smoke rise from the French freighter SS Grandcamp docked in the town's port along the west shore of Galveston Bay....
10 Serial Killers And Their Drawings Reflecting Their Psychology
Serial killers...The most evil creature that enjoys murdering innocent people. With their dark mind and heart  they are not afraid to do brutal things to others.Here are some of their drawings that they express themselves and help us to understand a bit their psychotic mindset.
23 Creepy Historical Photos That Will Haunt Your Nightmares
Isn’t it amazing to know and understand what really happened in the past? It’s truly an eye opener to know how people lived before, how they suffered and survived those times. By learning history, it makes us appreciate what we currently have.But history can also give us fear, an unimaginable creepy feeling of uneasiness, especially if you see these spooky old photographs. After seeing these images you'll break out in a cold sweat and we can't guarantee that you will sleep peacefully tonight.
‘Wolf Girls’ Of Godamuri: The Story Of Amala And Kamala
According to legend, the city of Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, two twin boys who were born to a princess and abandoned in the wilderness as infants. The pair would have died if not for the kindness of a she-wolf and a woodpecker, which suckled and fed the boys until a shepherd adopted them. The story of Romulus and Remus’s youth is most likely a myth, but history abounds with tales of kids who spent their early years in confinement or alone in the forest, often emerging with little knowledge of language or social skills. Perhaps one of the best-known and controversial stories of feral children is that of Amala and Kamala The wolf girls were about 18 months (Amala) and eight years old (Kamala) when they were found together in a wolves’ den.
13 Shocking Last Words Of Death Row Inmates!
Before execution, it is usually customary for condemned criminals to take the stage one last time and address the public with his or her final words. Whether it is a chilling statement aimed at shocking or upsetting those in attendance, a light-hearted statement that attempts get a few chuckles or a final slap in the face of society, criminals throughout the years have had some pretty interesting things to say in the minutes prior to taking their final breath.Here are the last words of 13 death row prisoners and the disturbing messages they chose to leave the world.
18 Unbelievably "Alive" Dead People With Amazingly Preserved Bodies!
We humans have always had this morbid fascination with death, so it’s no surprise that various civilizations through different ages had this obsession with dead bodies and preserving them as if they’re still alive. Some of the bodies are so well preserved they look almost flawless! Here are 18 of those people whose almost alive bodies will creep you out...
The 22 Most Legendary Painters And The First Pieces Of Artwork They Ever Made!
There are some paintings that we all know whether young or old; from museums, the internet, frames in our homes, and even tattoos... such as the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci or Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. But these famous painters' first works, their debut pieces, reflect the styles that they started out with. We compiled the first creations from the 23 most famous painters of art history.
28 Rare Photos From World War II That You’ve Never Seen Before
Many historians agree that World War II was a storm of advancing technology, complex politics and an insatiable thirst for power. No doubt that it was recorded more accurately and frequently than World War I, so there are still thousands of images out there you’ve probably not seen before. Here are 28 of them!
Gōjū-ryū: The Art Of Killing A Person With Punches
Goju-ryu is a sport born in Okinawa, one of the Ryukyu Islands in Japan's southernmost province, where many karate techniques have emerged.This sport is one of the four karate arts accepted by the World Karate Federation. Gōjū-ryū stands for Hard-Soft Flow in Japanese.
Naked Photos Of Hitler's Girlfriend Leaked By An Antique Collector!
Day by day, we're getting used to seeing naked photos of celebrities leaked to the public. Although this seems normal for the current era, an incident such as this was impossible in the past. This is why the following event is really interesting since it shows the naked photos of Eva Braun, hidden lover of Adolf Hitler.
11 Serial Killers And Their Horrifying Last Words
Partly due to their mysterious nature, serial killers have a kind of weird popularity among the general public. It’s unbelievable and just horrifying for most of us to accept the fact that they are the devil itself on earth. The words coming out of their mouths are even scarier and to be honest, a bit poetic. Here are 11 quotes from famous serial killers mostly from their “defense” speeches at trials.
6 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts No One Can Explain!
The world is full of bizarre and mysterious artifacts. While many of them probably made plenty of sense to the people who created them at the time, but their true purpose has since been lost to history.Perhaps one day humans in the future will look at our iPhones and 'Star Wars' action figures with the same perplexed expressions that we get when we glance at some of these ancient idols and gadgets.Check out six mysterious historical objects that remain unexplained...
What Is Music In Terms Of Science?
When we hear the word music, we think about its artistic or entertaining side. But in fact, music is a scientific field that is evaluated philosophically and mathematically.Though it is individual, it also has sociological roots. Every culture has its own music style. When we examine the living conditions, economical, political, psychological and sociological conditions of a society, we can have information about its music culture as well.
8 World-Famous Paintings And Highly Mysterious Details About Them!
Finding out the secrets of well-known paintings never ceases to surprise us! These secrets increase the level of our admiration towards the genius painters who were way ahead of their time...This content covers the secrets of 8 important paintings of art history! Enjoy!!!
Where Did The Zodiac Names Come From?
Throughout history, people have tried to understand the stars that they see in the sky and put them into groups so that they could analyze them. There are 88 known constellations in the sky. Twelve of them are seen in the same place at the same time in the sky as the earth orbits around the sun. It's not known whether these 12 constellations get their names from zodiac signs or the other way around, but all of them have stories based in mythology. Here are some of the stories telling us where the names of the signs came from.
13 Interesting Facts About Pablo Escobar And 'Narcos'
We had been looking so forward to it, but the second season of the legendary series, Narcos is finally out! We thank Netflix again, for not only producing such a great show, but also releasing all episodes at the same time! All that's left for us to do is binge-watch the sh*t out of it! Here are some facts about the show and Pablo Escobar that not many people know!Caution: The content involves a small dosage of spoilers!
Bedlam, The Real Horror Story Of An Asylum
3 years ago, something dreadful was found during the new metro line construction in London: mass graves with more than 3,000 human skeletons. Investigations showed that some of these people died because of the plague, the ruthless epidemic disease of the time. The rest, however, were the patients being treated in Bethlem Royal Hospital in the 16th century. Here is the terrifying story of these patients, who were murdered by the hospital:
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