17 Perfection GIFs You Can't Take Your Eyes Off!


Learning through short animations and with a sense of humor would be awesome, wouldn't it?

Here are 17 awesome GIFs that were created exactly for this purpose!

1. We think that those who are kinda obsessive will especially like this one. 👊

2. Human blood mixed with snake venom vs regular human blood 😱

3. If only we were taught at school like this... 👊

4. Mario would have been more fun like this! 😂


5. Am I asking too much? 😍


6. It was a bit difficult, but I made it until the end! 😂


7. The awesome geometrical shape that Venus and Earth make while rotating around the Sun! 🌌

8. Focus on the black dot in the middle. Your color perception at the beginning will be different than it is after 1-2 seconds! 😱

9. Just awesome! 😌

10. Buried wisdom tooth operation... 😰

11. From Pluto's view from Hubble telescope to Pluto's view from New Horizons satellite... Amazing! 🌌


12. It seems like something went wrong with someone's calculations! 😂


13. How many other species are there that are so damn clever? 👊


14. It is impossible not to get carried away with this one! 😌


15. Such a cutie! 😍

16. Blood rain! 😱

17. What happens when a ball is thrown at 37 mph from the back of a vehicle that goes 37 mph in the opposite direction?

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