17 Foods That Look Like The Body Part They Are Good For!


Mother nature has a rich variety. There are around 950,000 insect species alone! Considering this big scale of variety, it shouldn't be too surprising to come across similarities, say between food and body parts. 

Is this nature's way of giving us a message? Let's find out!

1. Look how twin-like an avocado and uterus look!

When split in two from its center an avocado looks like a uterus. Avocado also regulates hormones and prevents cervical cancer.

2. Celery is essential for your bone health!

Celery is rich in silicon which strengthens bones. And 23% of its makeup is sodium which is also great for your skeletal structure.

It is a natural antioxidant and should be consumed often.

3. Tomato, the best friend of the heart.

When cut in the middle, tomatoes have four parts, just like our hearts! Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is essential in preventing heart diseases. Studies also show that tomatoes are beneficial for our cardiovascular system.

4. How about grapes and alveolus?

Every grape looks like alveoli that are found in our lungs. Research shows that grapes keep harmful cells away from our alveoli!

5. Walnuts look almost like a micro brain!

The shape of a walnut resembles brain lobes. Omega-3 and omega-6 found in it help protect brain health and boost memory.

6. Look at this kidney and the cute little bean.

Beans, which are rich in fiber, are good for both digestive and cardiovascular system.

They also help produce the hormone called leptin.

7. Ginger and the stomach!

Ginger not only looks like a stomach but is also good for your stomach. It really helps with digestive problems.

8. Citrus fruits both help and look like breasts!

Grapefruit, oranges, and lemons do look like breasts and affect them positively and help with lymph movement.

Citrus fruits are rich in special substances that increase lymphatic drainage and block the growth of cancer cells in breasts.

9. A Banana vs. a smile


Bananas are not only rich in minerals and vitamins but also helpful when it comes to digestive problems.

The nutrients in bananas increase the production of serotonin, aka, 'the happiness hormone' and give a sense of calmness.

10. And now: carrots, looking like a retina!

A slice of carrot looks exactly like a retina. According to scientific studies, carrots have been proven to increase the blood flow to the eyes and improve their function. Carrots, consisting of high levels of beta-carotene, are vital for your eyes' health!

11. The Sweet potato and pancreas!

Yes, again, the food that looks like a body part is very good for that exact body part. This goes for the sweet potato and pancreas, as well!

The antioxidants in  sweet potato protect all the tissues in human body against aging and cancer.

12. Broccoli and Brussels sprout are known for their resemblance to cancer cells.


Studies show that broccoli is an effective weapon against cancer. Additionally, Brussels sprouts are rich in fiber, vitamin C, and nitrogen; which also makes it effective in preventing cancer.

13. Have you ever recognized this before?


When sliced, mushrooms do look like an ear.

Thanks to vitamin D, mushrooms prevent hearing loss. There is more: 100 grams of white mushrooms are only 22 calories! If you want to improve your hearing, don't skip the mushrooms.

14. How about olives and ovaries?

Olives are essential for the proper functioning and well-being of ovaries!

15. An onion not only looks like our cells but also offers countless benefits!


It neutralizes free radicals and protects cells from being damaged. It is also an important source of antioxidants!

16. Soy buds and sperm as the next set of twins!


Zinc and essential fatty acids are vital for the male reproductive system to function properly and in a healthy way. Soy buds are more than enough to cover the advised amount of intake.

17. Kiwi and eyes!


Kiwi is rich in antioxidants and lutein. Lutein is important for preventing age-related sight problems.

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