16 Problems Middle-Aged Men Go Through Quietly


Every age group has got problems of its own, and middle-aged men are no exception. Usually, some of these problems are things they feel they can’t talk about freely. And you thought hitting your 40-50s would be a walk in the park? No, Sir!

1. No one offers you their seat, but you expect them to. :/

2. Too young to just sit and watch the neighborhood, too old to hit the parties.

3. You are the ideal “Mature Man,” but this is the result…

4. You are literally drowning in life’s daily stresses.

5. Your new motto is “I’m not getting any younger.”

6. Here come the daily walking groups…

7. Instead of finding the craziest bar, you just hit the beach on vacation.

8. You find yourself lecturing young people about love, life, career, and such.

9. Your crush referred to you as an older brother or an elder. Yikes!

10. Your title is still not certain. You are not a silver fox, but you aren't a 'bro’ either!

11. Brace yourself! Mid-life crisis incoming…

12. And everyone around you connects your acts to a mid-life crisis.

13. Your ‘fun’ weekend is now hitting the beach and laying down all day long.

14. You are now exposed to ‘erectile dysfunction’ jokes.

15. Your age group is too busy raising kids, or hell, even grandkids.

16. If you’re still single, people try to make your life miserable. “GET MARRIED! WHY ARE YOU STILL SINGLE?!”

Bonus – You think you’ll look as hot as George Clooney as you get older. But you don’t…

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