16 Moments Sisters Know Too Damn Well


Sisters who grow up together experience tons of different things. These are mostly funny but a bit annoying on the side. You will remember all the items on the list as you go through bit by bit.

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/bir-kiz-kardese-...

1. When you hear her coming as you are going through the wardrobe.


2. Or just when you thought you got away with her dress/skirt etc.

3. But when same thing happens to you…She just keeps winning.

4. And when things go a step further…

5. When your parents agree with you during an argument.

6. How she leaves the bathroom after getting ‘ready’.

7. When your crush says how cool your sister looks…

8. If you start fighting about the front seat, it will always end like this!

9. Guess who took a shower before you? Hint: An angel…

10. When she plays the innocent but you know the truth…

11. When you are forced to apologize and hug it out.

12. When she’s rolling on the floor laughing at you after you do something wrong in front of people.

13. Seeing her sitting on your chair after you get back from the toilet.

14. Finding a way to annoy her without your parents realizing.

15. When your parents ask you to look after her…

16. But no matter what…You can’t and you never will do without her…

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