16 Mental Illnesses And Disorders Illustrated In Architectural Forms!!


Federico Babina is a Barcelona-based architect and graphic designer. Babina's work usually explores the boundaries between graphic design and architecture. In the below project Babina illustrates different mental illnesses in the form of architectural constructions. The results are extremely powerful and inspiring!

Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/architectual-m...

1. Dyslexia

2. Narcolepsy

3. Eating Disorder

4. Dissociative Disorders

5. Paranoia

6. Phobias

7. Autism

8. Bipolar

9. Alzheimer

10. Schizophrenia

11. OCD

12. Dementia

13. Insomnia

14. Depression

15. Anxiety


17. Check out Babina's other project below!

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