16 Bra Moments Women Often Experience


You’re totally lying if you say you don’t get these often.

1. That moment when you feel like someone is stabbing you! It’s probably the underwire.

2. Do you want to wear a backless dress to your friend’s engagement? Either your bra will be visible, or your nipples will "point."

3. Your push-up bra letting you down, again?

4. Thinking of spaghetti strap shirts? Think again.

5. Time to wash them? Go on, untangle them.

6. You unhooked your bra, but what’s this? Damn it.

7. Does it feel like you got a paper cut on your back? It’s probably the strap.

8. That itchy feeling when you take it off.

9. You think it’s easy to store them?

10. Having trouble breathing during your period? Swollen boobs? We hear ya.

11. If your bra hook looks like this, say goodbye to your back.

12. That embarrassing moment when you need to make “adjustments.”

13. When you go to bed with your bra on…

14. The moment when you go home, take it off, and your friend asks you out. “I won’t go back into that prison!”

15. Your black bras will always be MUCH more visible than you think.

16. Now whose fault is this? Is it the bra’s fault or your boobs’ fault?

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