15 Things You Go Through When You Keep Dreaming Of A Perfect Holiday At The OFFICE!


Still on your first year and have no days off? Or did you use all your paid leaves for other stuff and in dire need of more days off? Are you attending summer school and feeling extremely jealous about all those people enjoying summer? Welcome to the club…

 Grab your flip flops, beach towels and join us in this article. We will take you through all the things you feel during summer. 

 We’re here for you…

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1. You’re working and you decided to check Instagram. Here’s the scene…You feel hatred towards them in just one second!

2. You constantly find yourself asking why you didn’t become a teacher and enjoy 2 months of summer holidays?

3. You feel exhausted, literally burnt out!

4. Your commute becomes such a burden that you one day want to leave the house and find yourself at the beach.

5. You try bringing the holiday to yourself, but it usually never works…

6. You never feel positive about people who keep talking about their holiday when they get back.

7. Maybe you can’t go on a holiday even though you have the money for it…

8. It’s always Murphy’s law. Either you have money but not the time or the opposite. They never align…

9. You start changing. You feel like the city life has started consuming you, making you someone, something different.

10. You just feel ready to combine a day off and have a long weekend but you realize that holiday is on the weekend itself…

11. You are now only dreaming about the beach, sand, warm sea…When you wake up, it’s really hard to face the truth.

12. You start quenching your thirst with nature videos. It’s the closest you can get at the moment…

13. You start using cold water for the shower. It reminds you of the holidays you had in the ancient world…

14. If you are a student, it’s even worse. You need to study hard when everyone is busy getting tanned and you’re stuck at the library.

15. You promise you will make up for it next year and have a wonderful holiday because you deserved it.

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