15 Interesting And Actually Helpful Facts About Masturbation!


Stop looking all so surprised now. It's a natural need, and let's face it, a good chunk of us masturbate on a regular basis for, you know, health! Here are 15 interesting things you probably never knew about orgasms and masturbating.

1. 0.06% of guys can have an orgasm just by using their imagination and nothing else. No touching!


2. Studies show 48% of chronic headaches fade away after having an orgasm, as oppose to choking on painkillers and such.


3. The world record for taking the longest time to have an orgasm is 6 and a half hours for women whereas it's 8 and a half for men.


What a waste of time...

4. Some women actually faint during their orgasm; it's not that rare. However, some of them actually end up dying due to a heart attack.


It's what the French call "Le petit mort".

5. The very first electric vibrator was produced back in the early 20th century, 9 years before vacuum cleaner, 10 years before the iron...


Your home is a mess but you're all happy! Who cares?!

6. When guys have an orgasm, their brain produces prolactin, a hormone that makes us feel tired and weak.


This is why we always get that blue screen and go to sleep.

7. A woman's orgasm usually lasts 6-10 seconds but some lucky ladies can go up to 20 seconds!


8. Sex professors Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller suggest only 1% of women can have an orgasm only via stimulated nipples.


Well that'd make things easier wouldn't it?

9. A woman in London broke the record of having the most amount of orgasms during a masturbating session with 49 in 2006!



10. Heroin triggers the same zone of the brain and has the same effect of an orgasm.


Less drugs, more rubs people!

11. While only 1 out of 3 women have an orgasm during sex, it's 3 out of 4 for guys.


12. BUT, 21 minutes of foreplay can make 9 out of 10 women have an orgasm during sex!


This is why we have all those articles about the importance of foreplay.

13. Studies show men who masturbate at least 2-3 times a week live longer.


14. G spot stimulation increases the women's pain threshold by 107%!


Which means, you can operate on them they still won't feel a thing!

15. Last but not least, if you manage to have an additional "entry" while you're stimulating your vagina/clitoris, your orgasm will last longer and feel much more potent.


True story!

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