14 Things We Should Learn From Spiders Instead Of Fearing Them



*Risky content for Arachnophobics*

We totally get it. Spiders can be very ugly, mean ass creatures. You need to be very brave to face a spider and remain calm. However, this does not mean we can’t learn valuable lessons from them. Let’s have a look!

1. Adapting to your environment is important.

2. Patience is a virtue…You’ll get there.

3. Live in the moment, but also think about the future.

4. TOGETHER, WE ARE STRONG! (Ew, ew no!)


5. Embrace your talents.

6. Handle each problem differently and carefully.

7. Discover your limits yes, but know your limits, too…You can’t mess with that!

8. Seize every opportunity.

9. Timing is the key!

10. Be prepared for sudden attacks. Learn how to defend yourself.

11. Be attentive and meticulous when you are building a new home or new career.

12. It’s not nice to be in the spotlight.

13. Make sure you have a safe haven.

14. Don’t carry the past on your shoulders. Get rid of it and move on…

Bonus – Fear is important…Your enemies will be easily exposed when they fear you!

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