14 Shots From Space To Make You Space Out...


Someone’s gotta remind you of the vast and magnificent universe we live in…

1. It’s big, so big…Massive!

2. Earth is just another sand grain among this mass…

3. And what do we do instead of enjoying this wonderful universe?

4. We torture each other and make it harder to live in it.

5. We should be uniting, helping each other…

6. But we betray our own kind!

7. After all, we are just another pale blue dot in the entire galaxy.

8. How can we fail so miserably? We just need to share!

9. We literally have no effect to any of the outcomes even in our own solar system but yet still we are so arrogant.

10. One way or another, the galaxy is amazing and must be admired…

11. Instead of hurting each other, why not enjoy these beauties together?

12. Maybe our future home is somewhere out there!

13. Maybe we are being watched by another planet from a time machine, who knows?

14. What do you say? Do you think we will have grand kids to live up to experience these wonders? We can make sure they can…

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