14 Scarecrows That Look Probably Much More Elegant Than You


Don’t just overlook these ladies and gents because they are scarecrows. You might actually learn a thing or two from them. If only they could speak as well…Here are 14 fashionable scarecrows to make you re-consider your OOTD.

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/muhtemelen-hepim...

1. Love don’t let me gooooooo! Don’t let me goooo! Hold me in your aaaaarms!

2. Whenever I feel tired of looking nice and just want to rest a bit…

3. Or when I’m invited to a formal gathering.

4. They love and chase love, too.

5. They grow old together…

6. On a lovely summer afternoon…

7. Greeting their guests.

8. Looking real hip there Ms. Scarecrow!

9. Karl Marx the scarecrow

10. Devoted itself to Punk.

11. Different outfit for afternoon tea for sure.

12. “What’s the matter bruh? You say somethin’?”

13. “Add the little sunflower on my jacket as well please.”

14. When you have to work but you want to do it in style…

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