14 Emotional Photos Of This Dad And His Down-Syndromed Daughter!


It is difficult to come up with something to say once you come across these kinds of stories. Because no matter how hard you try, sometimes it is impossible to express the emotions properly. Even if you manage to find a couple of sentences, they sound unnatural. That's why we shortly want to say "You two look so beautiful together," before you move on to read the story.

1. Sebastian Luczywo is a professional photographer that made a name for himself thanks to his successful work. His daughter Kaja is still school age.

2. These two started a duel: "Who will take the best photo?" - after a school trip that Kaja took.

3. Sebastian Luczywo (Seb), who gave his daughter a camera for her school trip, expected to see dozens of photos; however he then realized that she took only 5 photos.

4. It didn't take long for Seb to see that each of these 5 photos was highly creative and inspiring.

5. That's how Seb figured out that his daughter has a natural talent for photography.

6. Afterwards, the two hit the road to take new photos and to explore new places together.

7. They took photos of everything during their journey: people, towns, forests, mountains, sunsets and sunrises.

8. Seb set both of their cameras to auto-mode.

9. And he let his daughter take the first photo in order not to influence her.

10. What made Seb take on this challenge -or let's say 'project'- wasn't only his daughter's interest and talent in photography.

11. He says that he has started to follow the same patterns and needed a fresh look after a 5-year successful career.

12. And exactly at that point, his daughter Kaja came to help!

13. Because Kaja helped her dad develop a new point of view during their 5-month journey.

14. At the end, they are both very happy with their lives. During this period, Kaja got to spend lots of time time with her dad and enjoy going to new places and taking lots of photos. Seb finally got the new fresh look he needed, and made his daughter super happy. What else can a dad want?

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