11 Super Cool Facts About Newborns Your Pediatrician Won't Tell You


Babies are living miracles! Are you ready to get to know these miraculous creatures better? Here you go!

1. Newborn babies can taste any flavor except salt.


New born babies have a strong ability to taste. However, they can not perceive the taste of salt until they are 4 months old. They perceive tastes better than adults because babies have more taste buds. The number of taste buds decreases as we age, which is why older people tend to put more salt and spices on food.

2. Newborn babies don't have tears when they cry.


Newborns cry a lot, but their tear ducts develop between weeks 3-12. However, they can create basal tears which helps eyes keep wet and clear out dust.

3. They don't have knees.


When you look at an X-ray of a baby, you'll notice that there are small spots instead of full knee caps. When bones are first formed they have a cartilage structure. Then, these bones start to strengthen. A knee cap is formed between 3 to 5 years. This is the reason why it is not visible on an X-ray. This is actually good for babies, as they fall too much when they are crawling.

4. Newborns have more bones than adults.


Newborn babies are born with unjoined bones. A few months after they are born, their bones fuse. For instance, it takes around two years to form the bones of the skull.

5. Newborns can have menstruation.


Babies are exposed to high levels of estrogen in the womb of the mother. When the umbilical cord is cut, the levels of estrogen decrease rapidly. This might cause menstruation in baby girls. This situation occurs during the first seven days in all female babies. Tiny amounts of blood can be observed around the diaper. Now, you know the reason why!

6. Newborns can produce milk!


The hormonal imbalance can cause newborns to create milk. This can be observed in both male and female babies. You might see milk coming from the babies breasts.

7. All of you drank your own pee at some point!


Babies start to urinate in the womb after a few months. The urine mixes with the amniotic fluid in the womb. Starting from 3rd month, the fetus consumes this amniotic fluid with urine everyday.

8. Newborn babies are capable of remembering the tastes of everything you've eaten when you were pregnant.


It is known that all the consumed food is transferred to the amniotic fluid in the mother's belly. This might affect the taste preferences of the baby in the future. For example, if the mother ate too much spicy food during the pregnancy, this might alter the preferences of the baby in the future.

9. Newborns are born with hair for a reason.


It is believed that babies grow hair inside the womb to maintain the body temperature. It is known that their hair start to fall out few weeks after birth.

10. Babies that are born around May are the chubbiest!


According to research, babies that are born around May are 200 grams heavier than other babies. This might be caused by the increased food consumption around spring.

11. Newborn babies consciously smile to their parents after 4-6 weeks.


This is only observed in human babies and primates.

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