11 Easy But Effective Kitchen Tips To Lose The Extra Weight


We hit the gym and exercise as hard as we can. Being hungry and tired, we want to attack food as soon as we get home, which undoes all the physical effort we have put into being healthy and looking good. There isn't much meaning in working out in this case, is there?

BuzzFeed crew asked experts how our eating set-up should look like and received invaluable information. We have compiled the experts' impressive answers for you. Let's learn the ways of eating and cooking healthy!

You can eat healthy in your own home, without having to think long and hard about it.

It is easier said than done, but I believe in you: you just have to find a way to keep healthy food in your kitchen and turn it into a lifestyle. 👍

1. Make sure that your counter surfaces are clear and organized.

Because being in a messy kitchen will also make your mind messy and at the end, you will want to eat more.

2. Fruits get a free pass!

Even though you are not trying to lose any weight, fruits can make a fast, easy and healthy meal! Keep a bowl of fruits on your counter. 🍎🍐🍌

3. So does water! If possible, buy or filter bigger amounts and make sure you have more than you need!

Most of us don't consume enough water. Keep your water as visible as possible, so that every time you walk into your kitchen, you will be reminded that you should have a glass of water!💦

4. Get rid of the junk food: no chocolate, chips, or candies!

Instead, you can have dried fruits and biscuits which are rich in nutrition and low in calories! 🍪

5. Rearrange your refrigerator. Put the food wrapped in aluminum foil or a plastic bag at the back.

If you are trying to cut down on sugar, keep the sugary food or the fruits at the back, so that you see and crave for them less. 🙈

6. Get yourself some cute-ass, colorful plates.

If you use a plate that is opposite color of your food, you will consume less; and if you go for the plate that is the same color as your food, you will not get that being full feeling. 🍽

7. Smaller plates, smaller portions.

While the diameter of an average plate is 3 inches, the normal size is 4 inches. Although you don't look forward to finishing the normal size plate when on a diet, once you finish the smaller one, you will feel more satisfied and happy; oh, and will also put on less weight.

8. Serve your own food, think about how much you will be able to eat and try to put that much on your plate.

When you consider this and serve yourself accordingly, you will have consumed 18-20% less food!

9. Avoid eating in front of the TV or computer.

Also, avoid speaking on the phone while eating. Because you will be more focused on talking than eating, you are likely to not have the full experience of eating and not feel full. 🙅

10. If possible, eat at a table.

11. Don't forget to play some nice tunes while eating.

If you listen to faster-tempo songs while eating, you will also eat fast; however, if you play slower-tempo songs, you will eat slower; which will help digestion.

If you are doing all of this in your kitchen, you are indeed a very lucky person, if you don't have this going on for you yet, don't worry. Set these plans in motion as soon as you can and enjoy staying fit. 😚

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