10 Portraits Of New York's Unconventional People Taken By A Former Wall Street Banker!


A former Citigroup financier of 20 years, Chris Arnade, became disillusioned by the narrow-mindedness and greediness of the corporate world. As a way to escape his unhappiness in Wall Street, he started taking long walks with camera in hand. He strolled through Hunts Point in the Bronx, one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods. It was there, while on a walk around town, where he met a very friendly and honest prostitute named Takeesha.


“Takeesha was working one of the streets in an empty industrial area. She called me over and said, ‘Hey, take my picture,'” Arnade recalls. “I was relatively cautious initially because I didn’t want to be insulting, but she opened up and started telling me her life story.”

2. From this moment, Arnade's life changed for the better. He devoted his life to taking honest and vibrant photographs of people who don't get much attention.

3. Arnade's subjects include prostitutes, homeless people and drug addicts around the South Bronx.

4. Arnade's sole purpose is not only taking portraits of the outcast but also becoming acquaintances with them.


“Hunts Point is a dark cloud with a silver lining. It’s people who are seemingly in the lowest of the low positions who are still somehow resilient. Those moments of resilience can be very optimistic.”


7. "I want to make conventional portraits for unconventional people."




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