Here Is That Moment Mark Zuckerberg Got Accepted To Harvard!
The famous social media entrepreneur and the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg shared a video of the moment he found out he was accepted to Harvard! It is such a family moment and it is kind of funny to see all the now-low-tech gear Mark is using. :)
High Heel Skills 101: Running On A Treadmill!
The King Of Catwalk Sinon Loresca tries out running on a treadmill with high heels, and he absolutely kills it... until he stops killing it  😅We are still very impressed, and adore his high heel chops!
When Wildlife Gets Wild: Zebra Tries To Kill Foal While Mother Fights Back
This video will probably distort any view you might have had of these striped dazzlers of the bush. The footage, filmed by Daniel Tjärnén, shows a male zebra’s intent on trying to kill a rival’s zebra foal in Etosha National Park, Namibia. Tjärnén describes the moment as a “once in a lifetime sighting!”
How A 30-Year-Old Cyst Is Removed From A Man's Body!
Well, I am sure we have all seen worse. But still, some will find this incredibly satisfying, while others will think that it is pretty disgusting. Can you hold on for 30 seconds? Here is how a 30-year-old cyst is removed from this man's back:
6-Minute Science: All You Need To Know About White Dwarfs
After our sun runs out of energy - as everything does eventually - humans will need a new place to live. And this place might be a white dwarf,  a.k.a. the corpse of a star! We know that this might sound scary, weird, or complicated, but give this video a chance and learn more about these weird things we call white dwarfs!
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