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20 Strange Mythological Creatures From Around The World
Every culture has its different myths and legends that people believed in for hundreds of years. Especially before semitic religions, these myths had shaped the culture and daily life to a great extent, and many of them are still influential in today’s art. Particularly in literature and cinema, it’s possible to see many stories and characters inspired by these ancient myths. So, here are top 20 strange creatures from world’s most famous legends and their stories...
40 Great Movies With Super-powered Characters!
We’ve taken a moment to highlight 40 great examples of movies about supernaturally powered people. While doing that, we excluded fantasy movies like LOTR or HP, as they have their own universes where 'superpowers' are considered 'normal', which makes it another category. Enjoy!
This Celebrated Hollywood Star is Considered The Worst Cast Member of SNL Ever!
This man, who is now a Hollywood magnet and a highly praised actor, was once one of the worst cast members of Saturday Night Live. And his name is Robert Downey Jr. No, it's not an error!The man who spearheaded the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the hit film Iron Man (2008) landed his first on-screen role on Lorne Michaels' SNL. Though not off to a great career start, RDJ's brief feature on SNL laid the foundation for 1980s box office hit highlights such as Weird Science (1985), Tuff Turf (1985), and The Pick Up Artist (1987), just to name a few. Despite his enormous current success, fans might have forgotten about RDJ’s rocky SNL tenure.
Outlander Star Caitriona Balfe Cast in Marvel’s 'Werewolf by Night' Special
Marvel’s Halloween TV special “Werewolf by Night” will bring a whole new realm to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it gets released this fall. The special is scheduled to start filming in February 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.Werewolf by Night will premiere on Disney+ sometime later in October 2022.The special will see Gael Garcia Bernal’s character move to America and get mixed up with a werewolf curse, but that’s not the only thing we know about the series so far. Now, thanks to Omega Underground, we have word on who else is joining the series: Outlander star Caitriona Balfe.However, there aren’t any further details about Balfe’s role beyond the fact that she will be working alongside lead actor Gael García.
The MCU Just Got Even More Incredible – Now You Can Watch the Eternals on Disney+
The MCU has gotten so big that even the Eternals had to wait a long time in line for their movie. The film was released into theaters on November 6 after months of teasing teasers and trailers — and now it's finally available on Disney+ for everyone to enjoy!The film's big draw is Angelina Jolie, who stars as Thena, one of the Eternals.Thanks to special effects makeup and motion-capture technology, Jolie went through a physical transformation to play the character.She's joined by Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) as Ikaris and Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley) as Kingo. There are plenty more impressive names in the cast list, including Salma Hayek, Brian Tyree Henry, Lia McHugh, and Don Lee.
The Best Netflix Series and Movies For Those Who Fall Into The Void After Lucifer Is Over
Lucifer, which made the finale with its 5th season last year and upset its fans, left a deep void behind it. Fortunately, there are many TV shows and movies that will fill the void left behind the series that won the love of millions with its charismatic demon! If you like Lucifer's style, don't worry about the finale, because there are a lot of TV series and movies on the Netflix platform that Lucifer fans can love. Here are the beautiful productions on the Netflix platform that Lucifer lovers will love: