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40 Great Movies With Super-powered Characters!
We’ve taken a moment to highlight 40 great examples of movies about supernaturally powered people. While doing that, we excluded fantasy movies like LOTR or HP, as they have their own universes where 'superpowers' are considered 'normal', which makes it another category. Enjoy!
How Well Do You Really Know Superheroes?
Everyone thinks they know the superheroes and super villains of the Marvel and DC Comics too well, but they usually go no further than superficial. Let’s see if you really are a BIG movie person. Be careful, though, it’s not easy to get 15 out of 15!!
25 Hollywood Stars That Were Most Mentioned In 2016
2016 is almost finished and a lot has happened when we look at it. In this list, we put together 25 Hollywood stars whose names we've heard many times because of their success, failure, private lives, death news and so on. Let's take a look together.
30 Sci-Fi Movies We Look Forward To Seeing In 2017!
2016 was not a fruitful year for Sci-fi fans. We didn't get to see many exciting Sci-fi masterpieces other than Arrival, Rogue One, Civil War. Through challenging sci-fi TV series such as Westworld and Black Mirror, we managed to tame our hunger.However, the case will be different for 2017. 2017 seems like it will be a great year for those who enjoy science fiction movies. 🙏Gather around sci-fi freaks! This list is for you!
Top 20 Sci-Fi Horror Movies From the Last 25 Years As Ranked By IMDb Users
Last year in April, IMDb’s contributing writers encouraged users to rate their favorite Sci-Fi Horror Films From the Last 25 Years. When the ranking was done, only titles with at least 100,000 votes were included. So here are the top 25 sci-fi horror movies from 1990 to 2015. And as Gina Carbone from IMDb puts it: “It's a lot of vampires, zombies, and space stuff!”Descriptions and storylines are from IMDb.
13 Photos Of Avengers With Their Stunt Doubles That Instantly Make The Actors Less Cool
Side-by-side photos of actors and their stunt doublesnot only prove your whole life is a lie. They pay tribute to those who truly deserve it but aren’t always noticed. By viewers or the media. To reveal all the faces behind the famous Avengers, Bored Panda has created this series, featuring both the stars of the show and their trusty companions.Striking physical similarities? Check. Perfectly mimicking mannerisms? Double check. Bobby Holland, Kelly Richardson, and other doubles featured in the list go to extreme lengths to make the Avengers look as badass as they are, and yes, that includes risking their frickin lives. Scroll down to meet more crew behind one of the best action productions of all time!
Watch DC Movies In Correct Order! Here Are All The DC Comics Movies You'll Enjoy!
Get ready for DC movies! While Marvel has been releasing films with her Marvel Cinematic Universe on a regular basis for years, and is extremely successful, the DC Universe and the associated films is only slowly picking up. We prepared a great DC movies in order(chronological) list. You can see all the timeline on Onedio.With 'Men of Steel' the starting shot was given for the 'DC Extented Universe' and now came with 'Batman v Superman' the second film in the cinemas, which already introduces several new characters. The DC movies have their own handwriting and are (even considering the Nolan trilogy) much darker than the Marvel or X-Men movies are. Not everyone likes this style, but undoubtedly, the DC movies have their fans.
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