9 Fairy Tales And The Subliminal Messages Hidden Between Their Lines


While children innocently read these fairy tales, someone is playing with their perceptions. We have taken it upon ourselves to expose these. We have a request, though: please don't consider these analyses in today's perspective, try going back like fifty years.

1. Rapunzel and the Middle East

In this story, we see Rapunzel, her family, a witch and a prince. We think it is a sweet, innocent story but actually, here, the Grimm Brothers summarize the Middle East and Arab community. Rapunzel's family are Arabic sheiks, the witch symbolizes the USA; Rapunzel, petrol, and the prince, South American socialist countries. The Arabs who have the petrol, make its benefits available to the USA. However, the South American socialist countries which produce petrol try to break this hegemony. Can they save Rapunzel?

2. The Frog Prince and dear Imperialism!

We have always thought that the story of the Frog Prince and the princess is a love story, but there is more to it. Here, we also see sympathy for imperialism. The princess symbolizes great nations, such as Germany, France, England, the USA, Russia, etc. The frog, on the other hand, is a symbol for developing countries, which are just deceived by the word 'developing' and are actually only being colonized. And of course, the Grimm Brothers once again manage to give the following message successfully: if you don't let the great nations kiss (!) you, you can't become a prince. That's how they poison our subconsciousness, bit by bit.

3. The Puss In Boots and the charm of lying!

This fairy tale, which includes a farmer father, his three sons, a cat, and a king, tells us not to look down on anybody because you can elicit unexpected favors from them. That's just the surface, though. The story is all about praising dishonesty.  It tries to corrupt people's ethical values. The fake marquis, who curses his dad's heritage, finds his way thanks to the lying cat he has. The Grimm Brothers are telling children to lie their way through whatever they want to achieve.

4. Red Riding Hood and damnation of Communism

Here, Red Riding Hood's mother symbolizes the USA, the girl herself, who doesn't even have a name symbolizes all the countries within the extension of imperialism. That's the reason she doesn't have only 'one' name. The grandmother is a symbolic target, the wolf is Russia and the hunter is again the USA. The message is: if you listen to your big brother, you will be just fine. However, if you don't obey and get into trouble, fear not; as the USA will be your savior, anyways. The other praise to imperialism...

5. The sleeping nations

Actually, everything in this story is quite obvious but we are only blinded by the prince-princess business, as always. Here, the queen and the king symbolize the communist regimes that put their children to bed. The Sleeping Beauty herself depicts the state of people ruled under a communist regime. But what about the prince? He naturally symbolizes capitalism, aka the USA, which wakes her up from her sleep of ignorance and makes her happy forever.

6. Imperialism and Capitalism

Step-parents, a father, two siblings and a witch... There is more to this fairy tale, too. Here, the mother definitely symbolizes the anti-capitalist views; the dad, the countries which fell in the lap of malicious communism and socialism and their leaders. Hansel and Gretel, then symbolize the peoples who are trying to find an out from this. Lastly, the witch is the USSR. The message here is: you cannot be saved until you throw the witch into the stove, but if you do that, you will also own the gingerbread house and the entirety of the witch's treasure.

7. Town Consumers of Bremen

This fairy tale, which looks to be about freedom and diversity at first sight, supposedly tells us the story of the animals who broke free from slavery, only to become the slaves of their desires and needs and end up illegally staying at someone else's property. If you want to be free, you have to earn property. Long live the consumption society!

8. Cinderella and sweet USA

Another fairy tale little girls fantasize about is Cinderella. It is the story of a girl who has had suffered hard and long but ended up being a princess. Who doesn't want to become a princess at the end of the story? But that has too little to do with the reality. Here, the step-mother and sisters are anti-capitalist countries which oppress their people (Cinderella) constantly. The prince, on the other hand, is capitalism in its purest form. How about the fairy who sends Cinderella to meet him? She symbolizes the USA. Here, the USA makes us look pretty and sends us to lie under capitalism. One has to be blind not to see this!

9. Snow White And The Seven Countries!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is another imperialist fairy tale praising capitalism and the throwaway society. The mean step-mother symbolizes communism and Snow White, the people who want to break free of it. The seven dwarfs that save her are Germany, Netherlands, France, England, Spain, Austria, and Denmark. The prince that these guys deliver the princess to is the USA. It makes you wonder why Disney's most marketed product is Snow White.

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