You Will Feel Like Slapped In The Face When You See These 18 Powerful Social Ads


These socials ads are so powerful that you will not be able to forget them.

1. First aid courses for parents.

2. “Once it’s thrown away, it turns into a weapon. Stop the war!”

3. “Breast cancer kills more women than car accidents. Early diagnosis saves lives. Schedule an examination today.”

4. “Belt Up. Live On.”

This ad, contains actual car crashers and their story.

5. “May 18th is the national day against child and adolescent sexual abuse. Report it.”

6. “Confirm humanity. If you’re not a robot, donate at”

7. “Your amusement or my life”

8. #BeatPlasticPollution

9. “If these are the lungs of the planet, we are in the metastasis stage.”

10. “Don’t sacrifice yourself to insomnia.”

11. “Turn lives around. End youth homelessness.”

12. “Less plastic”

13. “Pure love.”

This campaign encourages people to adopt homeless animals.

14. “Traffic accident is not a fantasy.”

15. “Cars in summer are too hot for dogs. Don’t leave your dog in the car.”

16. “It’s not only a tree.”

17. “Don’t give money on the streets.”

18. “Any job is better than being a tourist attraction.”

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