Why Pay For It? 7 Free Software Alternatives!


We all have to use specific software in our daily or professional life. And sometimes we have to pay tons of money for it, unless we want to go pirate, which is also not without its challenges. You might know that there are free alternatives, but maybe you don't know which is which and what you can do with these. Save money and do something fun instead of wasting your money!

Let's go:

1. Linux Ubuntu and its versions instead of Windows:

For example, Windows 8.1 costs around $200.

However, if you have a good computer, Linux Ubuntu will be just great for you. It has its own software store, free update support and other integrated programs; which makes it the best operating system alternative.

Click here for more information about Ubuntu.

If you are planning on buying a new computer, you can opt for the devices without any operating systems installed in them, called freedos, and install any version of Ubuntu on your computer for free.

If you are currently using an old model, a Windows version and if your computer is running very slow, Linux Lubuntu will be the best choice for you.

You can click here to download Ubuntu.

2. OpenOffice and LibreOffice as alternatives to Microsoft Office.

Although there are limited versions for students, Microsoft Office costs around $250-300 if you want to use it at home or work.

The best two alternatives -both for Windows and Linux- are OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

OpenOffice, which was developed by The Apache Software Foundation, is relatively more advanced than LibroOffice, which was developed by The Document Foundation.

What these two programs have in common is that they are both free source software.

You can find more information below:

Wikipedia page of OpenOffice

Wikipedia page of LibreOffice

You can click here to download OpenOffice; and here for LibreOffice.

We should also add that you can edit and create documents on Outlook.com for free.

3. Gimp Inkspace instead of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

If you are a professional graphic designer and don't want to use Photoshop illegally, but still need a program which is just as good, GIMP is what you are looking for.

You can use Gimp on Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

If you need more information about Gimp, which promises you more freedom without costing you anything, here is the Wikipedia page.

If you want to process a large sized image file, you can also go for CinePaint.

You can download Gimp here.

4. Use VirtualBox instead of VMware!

The two biggest players of virtualization, VMware and Oracle, aim to provide their uses with a good computer new experiences.

While you have to pay around $150-200 to buy VMware on its official website, VirtualBox  promises the same for free!

If you aren't familiar with virtualization, you can inform yourself here.

Click here to download VirtualBox.

5. OpenShot or Lightworks to replace Vegas and Premiere

Unless you are a professional video creator, you don't have to pay $600 for Vegas or $100-150 for Premiere.

Anybody can use OpenShot and Lightworks instead.

These two programs, which by the way also have awesome slogans, are very user-friendly.

If you aren't preparing a VTR for TV; or an ad for a special agency, OpenShot and Lightworks are made for you!

Click here to download OpenShot, which only works on Linux.

And click here to download Lightworks, which works on Linux, Windows and Mac.

6. Freemake instead of Xilisoft Video Converter

We all come across with videos made my both amateurs and professionals on Vine, Instagram and YouTube, don't we?

Although it isn't that difficult to convert the videos that can't be opened by the players, it is always better to have a program that can do this.

Freemake, is a freeware that feels like premium; and it can convert many types of media into the format you wish.

We thought it would be nice to know about a good, free alternative instead of paying tons of money for such an easy task.

Click here to download Freemake.

7. Dump Acronis Backup and get Comodo Backup instead!

No matter if you are a small scale business or home user, if you care about your data, you definitely have to back them up.

While you have to pay $50 yearly for Acronis, you can do everything with Comodo, which is totally free!

You can choose a partition of your hard disk, a USB stick or an external disc to back up your data.

If you play it smart and set up a back up plan, it won't be difficult to retrieve and reach your data when your computer crashes.

Comodo Back up also offers a cloud system that you can use for 90 days.

You can find many tutorials about how to use these programs on YouTube.

Click here to download Comodo Backup.

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