Which Walking Dead Character Are You?


When hell breaks loose and zombies are all around.. What is your Walking Dead personality? 

Inspired by.

1. Which one would make you happier to find?

2. Pick your Daryl!

3. Suppose you’re alone with Judith. What are you going to do?

4. What is your most significant feature in a group?

5. Which character annoys you the most?

The Governor

6. Suppose you killed a walker for the first time. How do you feel?

7. Pick a walker!

8. A walker is approaching you and you’re unarmed. How would you kill him/her?

9. Whose death were you most devastated about?



First of all, you’re pretty self-confident. Because you know that you have to stand up and resist in order to survive. That’s why you’re obsessed with your freedom. ‘Independent’ is the right word to describe you. Controlling you is almost impossible; people may try, but they’ll never succeed. You’re smart and energetic also. You never cry, at least we never saw you like that. Still, it doesn’t mean that you’re impassible.


You’re a natural born leader! But you never enjoyed being one. You’re just the leader because there’s no one else that could do better than you! Taking responsibility is not easy; leaders know that ;) Plus, you’re very attached to your family, and will do anything to protect them; even die.


You’re the definition of the word ‘loyal.’ Doesn’t matter how long you have to wait for your loved one, you’ll remain loyal to him/her! You’re also very emotional; but not as fragile or weak as other emotional people. You’re seriously strong and always know how to stand up when life knocks you down. Your beauty is the bonus :)


Woow, guess we’ve found a Ferrari. You’re extremely fast, and we can just feel your wind. People like you, listen to you and respect you. It’s something more than intimacy. Intimacy is just a word, but living with you is a totally different thing! You’re a true angel :)


You’re born into chaos and disorder, that’s for sure. You're sometimes mean to others, but the time you're living in is responsible! That’s right, time is bad and you’re just doing the things you have to do in order to survive. Everyone is good when the time is good, the important thing is to be able to stay strong in bad times.


There are not enough words to describe you. Even though you look like a badass from the outside, it’s just your mask for the outside world. You created that mask because you had to look strong; but people who know you well also know that there’s an angel inside of you. You’re charismatic and good looking; brave, fearless, loyal and generous.

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