Which Villain Do You Turn Into When You’re Angry?


Now we’re here to find which of all the DC and Marvel characters is the villain in you. Don’t you want to learn which iconic villain you are like when you’re angry? Do our test RN!

1. Let’s start. Which of these would you want to be better at?

Time management
Communication skils
Anger management
I don't wish anything like that.

2. What would you do to achieve your goals?

I would try so hard that I may hurt myself.
I would devote my life.
I have the capability and opportunity to do anything to get what I want.
I would cross the limits, if I had to.
I work hard.
I would leave my moral values behind.

3. What do you want the most?


4. Let us ask it this way: What do you think the general problem of people is?

They’re too dumb.
They’re too fearful.
They're too boring.
They're too biased.
They're too selfish.
They're too lazy.

5. What scares you the most?

Being poor.
Dying from boredom.
Being stabbed in the back.
Feeling weak.
Feeling humiliated.
Being rejected.
Losing control.

6. What angers you the most?

Being manipulated
Not being respected
Being rejected

7. What is your best qualification?

My power
My sense of humor
My agility
My brain
My abilities
My ability to see the big picture
My passions

8. Last one. What makes you bad compared to other people?

My past.
People get me wrong.
I hate super heroes.
I have dreams about the world.
My desire to be in control.
Who said I’m bad?

You got: "Kingpin"

You always dream big and have a strong future vision. Plus, you do your best to make your dreams come true.  Because you know that only wishing for things is not enough, you always need to make moves. Your life is well-planned and you have a huge motivation to achieve your goals. Sometimes you cross the limit because of your excessive ambition, but if you can relax a bit, you’ll be more successful for sure.

You got: "Loki"

A natural born leader, a true influencer and the one who is always ahead of others. These features bring you both positive and negative results, but you always try to maintain the balance in your life. Sometimes you use these features to get things done, which is something that we can’t blame you for. When it comes to manipulating people, you are an expert, but still, be careful with that.

You got: "Venom"

You are a character who defines himself/herself according to other people. Your relationship with your friends and rivals forces you to act differently, which makes you offensive sometimes, especially to the people you’re jealous of. Your relationship with others is strongly connected to your relationship with yourself.

You got: "Magneto"

You are a character who has his/her own ethical beliefs. Even though you’re fighting for good things, the way you do it is sometimes extreme. It’s always good to have your own beliefs and live according to them, as long as you don't hurt others.

You got: "Lex Luthor"

The most smart, wealthy and sophisticated member of DC Comics. You always have logical reasons for the things you do. Although being someone with principles is sometimes hard, having limits helps you to gain respect. Your biggest passion in life is learning new things, which makes you a better person day by day.

You got: "Bane"

You’re someone who never forgets about his/her past experiences or bad memories, and you use them to become a stronger person. You are annoyed by anything that has the possibility to make you weak and you always put your pride in front of everything. The most important thing is for you to be able to stand alone.

You got: "Harley Quinn"

Sometimes love turns into obsession and it usually brings massive problems. For you, the feelings of love and hate move together. You hate a part of yourself, but that exact part makes you to do things your own way and never hesitate to express your emotions.

You got: "Joker"

A true psycho, the emperor of everything villainous. You got the Joker because you found a harmony in your 'sick soul.' You have an order in your imbalanced life, like the order in every chaos. When you mix your smarts with your logical emotions, something amazing happens.

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