Which Superhero Are You?


Everyone dreams of having superpowers!

Which superpower suits you best? Let's find out.

1. Which club did you join in high school?

2. Time for some self-criticism!

3. How do you laugh on the internet?

4. Pick a Leo you want to save!

Titanic Leonardo
Leonardo with the Oscar
Departed Leonardo
Man in the Iron Mask Leonardo
Aviator Leonardo
Inception Leonardo

5. How does your boss/teacher define you?

6. Pick a pizza!

Thin Crust
Minced Meat

7. Your favorite lie?

8. Which leader inspired you the most?

Napoleon Bonaparte
Mahatma Gandhi
Abraham Lincoln
Ernesto Che Guevara
Dalai Lama
Nelson Mandela

9. Which of the below is a hero for you?

10. You got "Superman!"


Some people are born lucky. Even if they make mistakes, they seem to figure it out at the end (We don't understand either!). Well, we are talking about you here: Flawless people. You're one of a kind!

11. You got "Batman!"


Unfortunately, you are not lucky like some others. You don't have miraculous superpowers. Whatever you've achieved, it happened with your blood and tears. Should we have to mention that you are a perfectionist? Honestly, you have to be like that, or else the world (or maybe Gotham City) turns grey. This attention to detail is your trademark!

12. You got "Spider Man!"


Modesty is your middle name. Whenever you hear a compliment, you blush like a child. Don't mistake this modesty with narcissism though. This is who you are. You also like to help other people. This helpful side of yours always puts you in trouble. People have hard time understanding you for this reason.

13. You got "Iron Man!"


You have to admit that you are a workaholic. You are in a relationship with your job. That's why you are a pragmatist. If someone shares a business idea, it is highly likely that you will turn it into a successful industry.

14. You got "Thor!"


You're a lot of fun, that is for sure! However, if someone dares to hurt your loved ones, you become their worst nightmare. You can become a killing machine in seconds. After all, you are a god/goddess!

15. You got "Hulk!"


We hope that no one makes you angry. You're like a volcano, no one knows what will set you on fire. There are reasons behind your anger. You find this world unfair. This is enough to tick you off.

16. You got "Wolverine!"


Hello there, you charismatic being! There is nothing in this world that you cannot manage. People feel safe around you because of your previous experiences. This doesn't mean that you don't carry any anxiety. You are a skeptic and this can make your life hell sometimes. However, your concerns always turn out to be real, you lone wolf!

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