Which Sci-Fi Character Are You?


You might be a vulnerable cute little thing or an emotionless pile of steel, but neither of these qualities is useless when it comes to surviving in a future world, at least according to sci-fi writers. Forget all those fantasy depictions of people that are nothing like who we are right now and can’t really relate to, and find out which sci-fi character are you most like!

1. The first question is almost always the same… What’s your gender?

What difference does it make?

2. We’re in 2504. You have a little ship of your own. What would you do with it?

I’d use it for charity work.
I couldn’t live without a cause. I’d join a rebel militia group.
I guess I would have to work. I’d start a small shipping company.
A ship? Wow! I would go on an adventure of course!

3. How would you behave to your crew?

Well I’m not really the executive type. However they like...
Like a real commander. Caring and cruel.
I would love them as much as I love my family.
If they are with me in this, they’ll have to learn to be loyal.

4. What kind of a spaceship would you like?

I want a ship in which people can survive when in times of trouble.
A ship that can house all my research activities and can travel at the speed of light.
I don’t want the ship. A warrior cloak is good enough for me.
It should be big enough for me to hang out with my friends.
I want a middle-size spaceship which can be used both for military and research purposes.
I’d like to have a small jet that can part from the mother ship.

5. Which technological advancement do you think would be the most useful?

God, how I want to be teleported!
In fact, today’s technology can solve many of our problems, but we’re not using it properly.
Reaching the speed of light would change everything.
Bionic bodies would be exciting.
An endless energy source would make everything easier.
Artificial meat production should be widespread so they wouldn’t have to kill the animals for food.

6. What color would you paint the space, if you were able to do it?

What’s wrong with its color now?
I want it multi-colored!
Little bit of this, little bit of that...
Camouflage green would be perfect.

7. What job would you like to have in the future world?

I have my own ship. Why would I ask for more?
I want to be an alien and scare people off.
I would be a soldier whose duty is to guard the earth.
I want to be everything and everyone.
A scientist!
Something to do with artificial intelligence.

8. And lastly, how would you feel if you ended up on a desert planet?

I would study on my survival skills right away. Fear just wastes one’s time.
My kind of vacation…
It might be an interesting experience. I’d learn a lot from it.
I’d be scared as hell!
I’d think about my loved ones the whole time.

Kara Thrace Starbuck!

You would definitely be a war pilot in the future world. Besides, you’d be a complete nutjob. You have a psychopath in you and that makes you rebellious against authority and order. But you’re so gifted that people forgive you no matter what. Going on extremely dangerous duties, risking your life for your friends or going against everyone for your beliefs are all your qualities. Besides, nobody would look cooler in that suit than you do.

Dana Scully!

You depend on your rational side, no matter what. You never lose control over yourself or anything around you. You think the truth can only be found by reason. But you’re also more than your intellect, you’re a very good companion. You never let anyone down. Even in the most complex situations on the way to the truth, you first protect your loved ones’ lives. And although you wouldn’t accept it out loud, you love the adventure. It’s impossible to find the truth without you.

Ellen Ripley!

If there’s anyone in the whole universe who can survive against the most horrible monsters, it’s you. You’re an inborn warrior, you were born to fight. Also, your instincts never let you down and you always manage to do the right thing at the right moment. However, you’re also a lonely cowboy. You wouldn’t survive if you didn’t know how to cope with loneliness. You also have a mysterious side, no matter how close people get to you, they can never know everything about you. Maybe your survival skills take their source from this dark side of yours.


You’re the incarnation of sloppiness and goodness combined. You’re a real hero dedicating their life to rescuing others. Your endless love is the source of your power and you can recreate the world using it. Despite your vulnerability, your belief in humanity and the future make you go on. God, you’re cute! Neither these people nor anything else deserve something as good as you. Oh, you’re a precious one! You’re a gift for this world.

Fox Mulder!

Needless to say, you’re a loony. You’ve dedicated your whole life to learning. No danger can stand in your way to the truth. Your power source is your obsessive curiosity. However, sometimes you have trouble controlling yourself and you don’t really realize that you're risking your loved ones’ lives. Yet, people keep trusting you and backing you up, as you have a determined personality like a warrior’s. They know that finding the truth and facing it is not a job for the ones who are, well, completely sane...

Mr Spock!

You must be the most logical person, maybe the most logical creature in the whole universe. No matter what the conditions are, you always depend on your reason. This makes other people see you as an emotionless being, but we know that you have sentiments deep inside. What would make you happy the most is a journey searching for life on other planets.  On a journey like that, you’re the one to deal with all sorts of crises. You’re an inborn scientist.


Well, I guess we have a juggernaut here. You’re a man of duty. Nothing can stand in your way. You can travel in time or jump into acid wells to duly perform your duties. There is no such thing as “giving up” for you. You seem emotionless, but sometimes tiny little sparks can be seen when looked at really close. You rarely love somebody, but you don’t hesitate to sacrifice yourself for them. No doubt you’re scary. God help those who cross you!

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