Which Body Part Do You Think With?


Have you ever wondered which body part affects your thoughts and actions? I think you should, the result may be really surprising. Take the test and find out your center of thought!

1. Which of your five senses is the strongest one?

All of them!

2. Which of these would definitely calm you down when you’re stressed?

Taking a walk
Talking with someone I love
Making out
Listening to music

3. Which of these is the most interesting for you?

4. Which one would you prefer to do right now?

Watching TV or a movie
Reading a book
Listening to music

5. What do you think is the best part of a relationship?

Love and to be loved
Mutual respect

6. Which of the seven deadly sins are you most likely to commit?

All of them
None of them

7. Which of these cakes would you like to eat now?

This one!
This one!
This one!
This one!
This one!
All of them!

8. Finally, suppose you have the whole day off, what would you do?

Cook and eat
Meet with my friends
Watch movies
Spend time with my family
Work and get things done

You think with your ears!

Has anyone ever told you that you’re a great listener? If not, we will! You should be the one your friends go to when they need someone to talk to and take advice from. You also have outstanding auditory skills; you can remember any sound you hear. You usually listen to music when you want to relax and calm down because it’s always better to escape with music when you’re upset, instead of consuming yourself with thoughts. Not just when you’re sad, music is the greatest way to escape all of the difficulties of life.

You think with your eyes!

You have really deep emotions in your eyes; they’re simply like a window to your soul. Your visual memory is outstanding; you never forget the faces, places or items you see. You also have incredible observation skills; you actually see things while other people just look. I mean literally, you can see even the littlest details that other people can’t realize. You will be very successful and a great leader because you’ll always see a different thing wherever you look!

You think with your private parts!

You’re extremely straightforward; you’re always clear about what you want and what you think. You’re really brave, especially about sexual things. You know what you want really well and you’re never afraid of showing it. We also should add that you’re pretty curious; you want to try everything at least once and discover before you die..

You think with your brain!

Wow, just wow. You are one of those people with outstanding analytical intelligence, who we call “a true genius.” Every step you take, every move you make is neatly fitted into a logical order. Logic is the main principle of your life. Your curiosity about science and math is really high. You’re also very organized and systematical.

You think with your stomach!

You know how people say “the way to win someone’s heart is through their stomach?” That “someone” in this sentence is you!! You have an incredible appetite and knowledge about food, like a gourmet. Because eating is not a basic need for you, it’s a total way of life! You eat food to get pleasure, not to feel full. You also analyze people based on their food choices. Plus, you’re happy with the size of your body despite your love for food, lucky you! Bon Appétit, you beautiful person!

You think with your heart!

You’re one of the most sympathetic and warm-hearted people in this world. You approach everything with love and share it with whatever you touch. Because you have a soft heart filled with senses which makes you extremely emotional. "All You Need Is Love" from the Beatles goes out to you!

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