Which Awesome LoTR Character Are You?!

Which Awesome LoTR Character Are You?!

J. R. R. Tolkien's success lies in creating characters that can affect each and every human being. 

Which of these awesomesauce characters are you? 

YOU...SHALL NOT...PASS! (Without completing this test!)

1. What supports our existence is not our good sides, it's our sins! Choose your bad feature!

2. What would it take- an Uruk Hai or an Orc- to kill you?

Nothing can kill me, fool!
Fire arrow.
Lots and lots of trickery.

3. Let's say you have all the power available at your hands. How would this world turn out?

Much more natural
Worse than now :S
Much safer
More fun
Proper wealth distribution
No more hunger

4. Be honest answering the question above, because power drives people mad. Now the other scenario. Create your dystopia!

Injustice League
Absolute immorality
Deserted lands
Told ya: Worse than today
Extreme hunger
Corrupted government
Worse wealth distribution
Unsolved homicides, lots of 'em!

5. Your ideal job should have...

Peaceful mindset
As long as you pay for my food and commute...
Promotion opportunities
Ability to travel
Cool co-workers

6. You feel like eating something in between meals. Take your pick!

7. What do you mostly look for in your partner?

8. Now comes your dream home!

Extravagant, large mansion.
A humble wooden shack.
Far, far away...
One with nature.
Well, this one is burning hot!

9. Which of these disorders do you feel like you might have?

10. Lastly, pick "the one" ring!

11. Hobbits!


You're fun. You can't imagine a life without it. Do we need to tell you how friendly you are? You love exploring, ending up in new adventures, oh, and food! People should never underestimate you. The time will come that you will do something so big you create massive wonders!

12. Gandalf!


You embody foresight and experience. Oh, all the things you've seen, heard and experienced! You're also very protective. You will fearlessly face demons as big as Balrog for your loved ones. But, sometimes, you show up at the last minute. Keep reminding people about the 5th dawn...

13. Aragorn!


A born leader...And you never brag about your leadership either. Some are born leaders, others have to deal with it. People will try and de-fame you, but they shouldn't bother. You have the sword, you have the seal. Don't ever forget who you really are!

14. Legolas!


Stylish, agile, elegant and beautiful. Words fall short when describing how fabulous you really are. You don't walk, you almost levitate! If you're a girl, you're extremely beautiful and unique. Same applies if you're a guy, too. You are very handsome and attractive. You are the gift Mayans kept talking about!

15. Gimli!


Honor! Honor guides you, period! Is someone being unfair or unjust? SPLAT! Goes your axe and you are immediately taking care of it. You fight with all you got and until your very last breath! You are strong; you always find your way. And do we need to talk about your determination?!

16. Gollum!


Life made you what you are now. You know damn well how to hang out nicely and keep smiling. But life is not fair. You actually have a golden heart underneath and mean well. But only for those precioussssss ones!

17. Treebeard!


Patience is a virtue...You are patient and you don't let your guard down easily. This is all due to your never ending wisdom. Your approach is always objective and you see what other people can't see. Sometimes, this makes you take too long in deciding. For example, deciding on where to eat or what to do. But once you decide and start moving, nothing can stop you!

18. Sauron!


What's the matter with you?! You are evil and you LOVE power, ruling over people and destroying anyone or anything opposing you. It's not even enough to call you a dictator! Your eye sees everything going around you. Maybe the only good thing about you is you deserve hell more than anyone else!

Jkjk...You are actually good, but your thirst for power got out of hand! :(

19. Boromir!


Live fast die young! This is your motto. You just can't stand still. You can't tolerate injustice, and you never will. You'd give everything you had to fight evil with some special powers. You have sudden outbursts of anger, but you mean well! Lastly, tread carefully and brace yourself! There are rumors going around about all the characters you play and how they end up dying very early!

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