Which Animals Are Living Within You?


Don’t we have all those cute animals within us? Some of us hide a cute little panda, some a little gazelle and some a daredevil wolf inside. But what percent do you have from them? Take the test to find out.

1. Where would you like to live if you were an animal?

2. Which feature of people do you wish animals had?

3. What kind of a person are you while in traffic? Or how would you be, if you drive?

I drive slowly and quietly.
I’m a little fast.
I get so angry when people make mistakes.
I’m like an angel if I don’t end up in a traffic jam.

4. What superpower do you wish you had?

Seeing through the walls
Hearing everything people say about you
Seeing even the tiniest things
Eating a lot but not gaining weight

5. How do you deal with coworkers you can’t stand?

Isolating them
Talking sarcastic all the time
Making their job harder
I have my own secret ways ;)
I don’t have time to deal with them, I don’t care.

6. What do you usually do when you’re bored?

Read a book
Check social media
Talk with my friends on the phone
Watch TV

7. How far would you want to go back in time to change things?

8. How about the seasons? Which one is your fav?

I like hot weather.
I like cold weather.
Warm weather is the best.
Don’t care, I like them all.

9. Last question is a hard one: An eternal love or a being rich until you die?

60% Panda 40% Cat!

60% Cat 40% Panda!

80% Cat 20% Penguin!

80% Cat 20% Dog!

65% Lion 35% Panda!

65% Cat 35% Gazelle!

65% Gazelle 35% Sheep!

65% Gazelle 35% Panda!

65% Sheep 35% Cat!

50%Dolphin 50% Penguin!

65% Lion 35% Penguin!

65% Eagle 35%Cat!

65% Dog 35% Panda!

65% Sheep 35% Wolf!

50% Tiger 50% Sheep!

50% Eagle 50% Dolphin!

50% Eagle 50% Penguin!

80% Wolf 20% Sheep!

80% Wolf 20% Dog!

80% Tiger 20% Fox!

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