Which And Where? The Ultimate Tattoo Guide!


BuzzFeed compiled a very helpful gallery! You want to get a tattoo, but you don't know where and what exactly to get? This is the right place for you! Let's see some cute, elegant elephant tattoos! 😇

1. This cute little baby elephant

2. And this anklet-shaped tattoo

3. A surprisingly big and sophisticated elephant portrait

4. And this noble mom and her baby

5. Tasteful and tusked elegance

6. This classy dot-work elephant

7. Mesmerizing silhouettes

8. And this fantastic portrait...

9. An amazing small silhouette

10. A beautiful and simple scene

11. And this delicate line tattoo

12. This lovely family

13. And this geometric elephant

14. This relaxing design

15. A unique technique and a unique elephant

16. The perfect harmony of colors

17. And this sophisticated shoulder tattoo

18. This origami-inspired piece

19. This amazingly charming elephant and rider

20. The happy family train

21. And lastly this cute elephant and its balloon

You seem like you are ready to make up your mind! 😉

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