What's Your Spirit Animal?!


Which animal shares your spirit? It's easy to find your soulmate from the animal world now! Just take out test and find out your detailed answer!

1. Which animal is more free-spirited?

2. Which desolated land is more livable?

3. Which one would you rather be?

A fresh growing sapling
A strong breeze
Big forest
Greenest grass
A mountain house
A simple drop in a vast sea
A big, strong tree
A massive mountain

4. Which adjectives suit you?

5. Which weather suits you?

6. Which sport is for you?

Winter sports

7. The first letter of your name?

8. Pick a talent

9. Which instrument do you want to play?


10. Last, which movie line?

A "Tiger" lies within you!

Your spirit animal is the tiger! Strong, mighty, glorious, yet you still never like tension. You have no trouble establishing your authority and getting people to respect you. Just like the tiger, you love night time more. Silence and loneliness makes your soul rest nicely. Even if you have lots of people around you all the time, you need your own space. You have all the charisma, nobility and power a tiger has. You are wild but you are also deep.

A "Horse" lies within you!

Your spirit animal is the highly respected horse. Free-spirited, strong and mighty. Even though you are always meeting and hanging out with people, you never lose your freedom, nobility or dignity. You are open minded, but you like sticking to traditions. You always do your best with your responsibilities. You like helping people and solving their problems. It makes you happy! Just like your spirit animal, you are a free, noble and hard working person...

A "Dog" lies within you!

Your spirit animal is the dog! First things first, you are a true and irreplaceable friend. Every person needs you in their lives at some point. You are loving, you care, and you always protect the ones around you. You never hesitate putting yourself in danger to protect them! You never say no, because you live to help people. Things like friendship, help, and good deeds mean a lot to you. You GREATLY value loyalty, friendship and love, just like your spirit animal...

A "Cat" lies within you!

Your spirit animal is cat! It's hard to find people who care so much about others, yet still want their own way. People mostly say you're selfish, ungrateful and needy, but people who really know you would have very different opinions. You have found the perfect balance between helping others and giving too much. You don't upset people and you don't like people to make you upset. When you're in danger, you can be as fierce and agile as a cat. You are keen to your freedom, but in return, you provide happiness and peace to others.

A "Dolphin" lies within you!

Your spirit animal is dolphin! Your friends, family and your partner are all so very lucky to have you. You care about all of them so much and you do your best to make them happy. When people become friends with you, they know how much it means, and they know how lucky they are. But things will easily take a sharp turn if someone meddles with your freedom. You still won't treat them badly, but you protect your own space and freedom as much as you can. You are naive, pure and emotional. Just like a dolphin, you are loved, full of life and joy! Don't let others kill your joy!

An "Eagle" lies within you!

Your spirit animal is the eagle! You love exploring new things, meeting new people, seeing new places and knowing different cultures. And you do these all on your own. When you are on your own, you are very optimistic, dreamy and calm. You have no limits, and you always find your way to happiness, even if it means trying so damn hard! You never give up, you never run away. Just like an eagle, you are free-spirited and lonely, but you make almost everything possible!

A "Fox" lies within you!

Your spirit animal is the fox. You're highly intelligent and practical, and you know what you're doing. You never fool around, you always mean business. People always misjudge you for being cold, timid and shy. But just talk to them for 10 minutes and they will regret all their first opinions! You observe so well and you know what to do, where to do it and when to do it! You are often attractive and you easily turn this into an advantage. Just like your spirit animal, you are wise, charming and forceful!

A "Wolf" lies within you!

Your spirit animal is the wolf! You are the alpha character. You always lead your group, your family, or your friends. You love spending time with your gang, but you also want to spend time on your own. You have a balanced life. You can work with a team, or on your own. People like you and they respect you most of all. You take initiative when needed, and your decisions are usually the right decisions. You don't talk too much, you let your mind do it all. Just like your spirit animal, you lead, you exist with your team, you respect and you want to be respected! 

PS: Your charisma is often off the charts!

An "Ant" lies within you!

Your spirit animal is the ant! You love helping others and obviously, you LOVE LOVE LOVE working. You never complain, even if you're very tired. People envy you at work, and at home. You are the perfect friend, kid, worker, and lover. You try to make big impacts on people's lives, and you enjoy that immensely. You are calm, goal oriented and loved. Just like your spirit animal, you like productivity, helping, and making others happy!

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