What Will Happen To Your iPhone When You Install iOS 10?


Apple releases updates for iPhones every year.

According to Apple, iOS 10 will be the "biggest ever" version.

Respected Apple writer John Gruber states that the improvements brought by this update are "very practical" and that the motto of this update is "common sense prevails."

iOS will be a common sense update, which actually also means that Apple should have made this improvements way earlier.

Here are the details of this update:

"Swipe to unlock" is out. It wasn't really useful because most people started using TouchID fingerprint sensor.


Apple finally allows iPhone users to manage their music files.


If you are experiencing storage problems, you can now free lots of space by pressing one very smart button!

The lock screen is something we see quite often. Hence, it has been redesigned for you to receive more useful notifications.


Some important improvements are coming to the Photos app. From now on, the app will be able recognize people, places and activities.


The "Search" feature has also been improved. For instance if you type "bridge," it will find the images with a bridge in them.

The rather confusing design of Apple Music has also been revisited.


Now it's a lot lighter, with much more white space, bigger letters, and more prominent album art.

Now your voice messages can be transcribed for you to be able to read them just like text messages!


Your phone can now assign default apps according to which one you use most often with a particular contact.


For example, if you use WhatsApp to communicate with your best friend and Messenger with your mom, the phone will assign the default services for your contacts accordingly.

Your phone will also inform you if a caller is a real person or a spammer.


You can also receive calls from WhatsApp, Skype, etc. on your main lock screen.


After all these new improvements, nobody would want to neglect the Messages app.


iOS 10 brings new animations, some sticker apps along! Moreover, you can send hidden messages with an "invisible" ink. To put it shortly, texting will be a lot of fun!

You can turn on the read receipts for specific people in the Messenger app.


For example you can let your boss or roommate know that you have read their messages, but not your mom. :)

For most of the people, the alarm clock screen is the last thing they see before falling asleep and the first one as soon as they wake up.


This screen has completely changed. It will let you know when your bedtime is coming up and will have a rather dark design.

Your iPhone will be able to find where you have parked your car with the help of "Google Maps."


Thanks to a button in your e-mail app, you can unsubscribe from the e-mail lists that you don't want to be in with one click.


And the flashlight will have intensity settings!


The extremely loud keyboard sounds has been tuned down. (Most probably, you have been just muting that one.)


The bad news is, however, if you don't have an Apple developer's account, you can't download the iOS 10 update today.


In the upcoming days of this summer, Apple will offer a public beta.

The final version will be available in autumn with iPhone 7.

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