What Monster Are You When You're In Bed?!


It's time to reveal that monster inside of you! Today we’ll tell you which monster you turn into when you have sex. Take the test to find out!

1. Which food are you going to order on a first date?

Brussels Sprout

2. If you had to choose one?

3. Pick a comic character.

Tin Tin
Spider Man
Lucky Luke
Ninja Turtles
Captain America

4. Does your name include any of these sibilant letters?

5. Choose your favorite.

6. Finally: Truth or dare?

Frankenstein’s Monster

Your magnificent and majestic personality would only fit with him anyway. People get frightened to death when they see you. But you’re actually very naïve inside. So even though people get scared when they first see you in bed, the reality is the opposite. You know how to impress people with your gentle style.


You’re like the Kraken in bed! You never let it go when you stick with something. No one can run away from you. When you put your arms around someone, they never want to leave as well. Being determined and eager is your most significant characteristics that move you forward. Once you influence people, they can never let you go.

Sea Serpent

You’re like a sea serpent in the bed. You know how to get the other person’s attention with your mysterious personality. Everyone wonders about you but you’re pretty determined about not showing it to anyone. You only show your true self to the ones you really like; which proves how picky you are. This makes you both more attractive and also increases your quality. You should always maintain this attitude to keep your relationships passionate.


You’re like Taz in the bed! You’re very combative but it's all because you want to hide that emotional person within you. You should calm down a little. Let it all out. You won’t regret it, I promise. Plus, your aggressiveness may seem attractive at the beginning, but it can become annoying after a while. Discovering your emotional side will make you and your partner happier, for sure.

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